Cooking here and there

20140420-013344.jpgfirst time making chocolate ganache for my chocolate banana cake. It was a hit. The cake finishes off so quick.

I also made carrot cupcake with cream cheese frosting. Again first time trying on frosting. Gosh they were so sweet albeit pretty looking.y frosting was rather soft and suspect I did not beat if long enough to make it firm. I will try again.. But next is to try on fondant.. I have a “major” job coming up!




Strawbery muffin was a impromptu bake on late night when my bestsie deliver me fresh strawberry. I love it as compare to blueberry due to its mild sourish sweet taste!

I also tried making chicken Maryland using my air fryer. It was delish! And later on I tried the hot air function on my oven to make chicken stripes.. But the outcome was chewy and hard chicken stripes. So where did it go Weonf? The oven or the chicken filet I used? Yet to
Find out.

And I have also did my first home made pizza dough! Everything from scratch and it’s very easy! The recipe I used was simple and fast!!! Love it! We will have more pizza night! And cause manfred help me make the dough before he go school, and Jude help me assemble the pizza before dinner time, they both eat better that night. As for N,
He only eat the crumbs and not the pizza topping. He still loves his white rice, porridge and noodles more


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