Does anyone even read this blog anymore? It seems like I have abandoned it for a while.. I guess probably I have finally found my “space”, my own nook, hence I get to escape at anytime, I no longer feel the need to pen down my feeling.. Also my kids and my daily chores keeps me really busy.. Sometimes I wonder if ensuring my kids reaches school on time, doesn’t miss their enrichment class, finishing their meal, squeaky clean flooring is really that important?
It may be important, but it’s even more important those shall not burden me, or burden people around me especially my family. So if we have a mountain pile of laundry cause we are busy attending birthday parties, so be it. If my kids will be having mcD drive thru for lunch cause mama Is not well, then so be it….











I baked my brother birthday cake. We celebrated his birthday. M&J started ukelele class.
We survived water rationing for a month(1 month is enough..) we bake pizza, muffin, cakes, breads, paos.. Yes, my kitchen been put to good use. It feeds the family and it brings joys. I don’t stress when i don’t cook. I’m not gonna enslave myself. Gotto constantly remind myself that.

Time seems to pass very fast. I hope we don’t get stressed up and misses the scenery along. Right now, I’m enjoying time spent at home, to make home
Improvement project. Like unpacking boxes(yes we stil have boxes from the move); working on the garden patch(very small patch but we are also progressing slowly); there’s things in line like built a proper book case for our book, building our altar table. Settling up broadband, paint job for house exterior, celebrating Jude’s 5th birthday, meeting relatives, etc…


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