Making mantou & wholemeal mantou

Recently I went and view the thermomix demo. And surprise that making mantou is so simple. Since I can’t afford thermomix yet, I’m glad I find out how the machine work.
It definitely is affirmed that thermomix will be in my bucket list.

Decided to learn to make mantou.
Knowing how to will enable me to make home made bao.

First attempt failed! The bao was so sticky and when I steam it, water sipped into my pau and all went to thrash.

2nd attempt was a
Success. I made 16 mantou. All finished. Baby didn’t like it at first. But when I offer to him again in the afternoon, he gladly finished one whole mantou.


Then I try again to make wholemeal mantou. This time I lazy Liao. Use my mixer to knead.

Wholemeal mantou.

Also I have learnt that steam mantou takes about 15min. And once done, u must off the flame. DONT OPEN THE COVER! Let the cover stay on for another 3minute.. Then only open the cover.
Or else the mantou will collapse at some spot and u will have wrinkled mantou. (Not nice looking lo)

And I been craving for awesome
Buttery butter cake. And I have 6blocks of tatura butter sitting in my chiller. I’m so gonna grow sideways again!



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