I’m 33

Thank you Lord that I turned 33.. YOU sure know how to take care of your children. Time passes so fast but I enjoy every bit of it. 33 seems perfect! I love being 33… There is so much soul searching going on within myself and I’m grateful that YOU are at the centre of my life.(though at time I might forget to do quiet time or meditate on word of God) but YOU are there I know.

Thank you for guiding my spouse and my kids all the time. They too have YOU and that again is my another blessing. Even my 18mo know to put his hand together before eat… I’m sure he was very thankful for that!

I have wanted to go a new place to eat, just to shake off the mundane routine of mine like we always eat at that few eatery… Today YOU Guided us to MIAM MIAM and we get to get out of that mundane zone. Tq for my cheekies boys. They drove me crazy every day (including my birthday) but I still chose to be with them. God YOU sure made them real irresistable.

Thank you for wonderful scone recipe Melysa. I will bake this once again! Baking is therapeutic.

And I wil also attempt to bake this waffle that I tried in MIAM MIAM!




Yes 13 may I turned 33year young. Yes I feel younger these day!


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