My poor abandoned blog

I’m alive, and kicking. It’s been an eventful 2014. We are expecting our first princess in Jan2015. Hub resigned from company of 12years to start something new on his own.

We moved to our own place. Hub broke his ankle bone – underwent surgery and couldn’t walk for a month plus. Thank God for PIL help during first month and praise the lord hub is walking again now though not fully back to normal.

I have a lot of soul searching to do. I’m very socially withdrawn. I’m not sure if people around me notice it or not, but I constantly need time to be alone. I often feels like running away to
Steal time to think… Visualize my future, recharge myself, reflect on my life and etc..

Kids are wonderful, I can’t believe my first born is 7.. He has grown so much… He is so independent now. I’m still learning to be a better mother to him… Jude is less challenging (cause I finally convinced myself to accept him as who he is..) I just have to learn to nurture this very bright and strong headed child of mine. He is such a ball of energy, I shall love him as he is and care nil of how others perceived him.

Nate- still the king of the household! He is spoilt, but he is such a joy to watch. He turned 2 recently and only starting to be more verbal. He speaks in single or 2
Syllabus max. Many commented that he should’ve starts to talk way way earlier as he has 2 bigger brothers. Oh well folks, thank god I’m a more relax mom this round, he is doing just fine. We are in no hurry to hear him speak in sentence. He will get there eventually.

Xmas is around the corner,
Our first Xmas in our own home, kids setting up Xmas tree with daddy’s help. Thank God for wonderful husband, and 3 healthy boys.




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