being mom

Today, just like any other day, I have my struggle as a mom. I was torn between cooking a home cook meal for my family, just a simple home cook meal so I know what we put on table is free from msg, low sodium and somewhat is healthier than take out. I tried my best to do that albeit Managing 4 kids is a lot. But I tell myself having 4kids is no excuse. 

I was so torn between cooking, chauffeuring the kids, making sure meal is on table on time, while my 2.5mo baby is clingy… Then it’s the matter of should I just put everything behind and just cuddle my kids? Should I? What about food? What about shower, laundry? Chores etx..

In the end, screw it. We eat McDonald. We drive thru and go meet daddy in office to eat McDonald.  


Right after kids are more settled, I then drove home alone with baby and go on to prepare dinner.. Baby is still clingy… That pouty look… Who can say NO. YA, call me sucker mom.  


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