Smell of loaves

I can’t help but notice we consume a lot of bread. I used to complain that my kids don’t eat.. Long gone are those day as these day my kids can eat! When they are having a good appetite, they sure can eat a LOT! 

I keep track and notice we finish a loaf easily in a day or half! So I decided that even though I’m busy enough on day to day basis, I can’t find excuse to make sure my family eat healthily! So Ioaned my sister’s bread machine to go for a trial run. 

Tesco BM-10, cost her about slightly below RM200.   
 This simple machine can do quite a lot of things! From baking bread loaf, sweet bun, pizza dough, jam, kaya, baking cakes etc. 

I tried the recipe given and to my horrors, the bread turn out to be almost STONe Hard! No prize doe guessing where the first loaf went. I figure maybe coz my flour sits there too long, expired d! So I went buy floursssssssss and TRY AGAIN! 
~~~HORROR~~~_<_<_ still! Then I cleaned the BM and thought I’ll return it soon. But just when I’m about to give up, a friend of mine posted a very successs loaf(you know who u r Soo Kee) and I saw the recipe, it sounded SIMPLE! So I decided to give it another Go!

First success loaf!    
   Suddenly, I can’t stop baking bread everyday!  

      Wholemeal raisin loaf  Chocolate chip cranberry loaf  Basic milk loaf   Pain de Mie to go with my favorite butter  

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