Doomed?! Not really

when I was expecting the 4th baby, a lot went thru my head.. Chris was injured and immobile for 2 whole months. It was like caring for another new born while I was expecting. Some night pregnancy hormone took over and I cried wondering how will I ever cope being a mother of 4 without a maid. Many asked if we will consider taking in a maid again. My MIL also suggest that I find a baby sitter to care for Noelle during the first year. But we were reluctant. My mother suggest we cater for dinner so I don’t have to cook, not being stubborn or try to be super, but that arrangement just kinda won’t work…. So 3 months into having 4 children and I can say, we are coping very well…..

I still manage to cook, we eat home 90% of the time on weekday. I still have time to clean, and chauffeur Jude back from school, meet a few friend for short chat, and recently, I even manage to bake our own bread!!!!!! Albeit it’s just simple loaf but we managed! I said we cause Chris is also very busy with his own work and he comes home past 7pm most night and sometimes 9pm… But he still can find time and energy to play with the kids a bit before tucking them to bed and then continue to do some work before sleep. 

I hope he goes back to regular jogs again soon. As after his injury, he has yet to go back to his regular exercise. Same goes to me. I hope to start my simple home exercise soon. 
Oh ha! I also manage to dress my baby girl up everyday.. With lots of bows and petals 


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