Why Super Lutein?

Now if I were to share with you why super lutein, I probably need to break it into few versions as this product does so much that I don’t think a Single blog post will justify its functionality. 

Super lutein was introduced in 1999 by naturally plus and it was the one and only product naturally plus sell. Till today, super lutein continue to break sales records in the Japanese market since 1999. Today, super lutein also remain the best selling eye supplement in Japan. 

The formula of Super Lutein is so unique that its synergistic effects set it apart from similar products in the market. Produced from 6 vegetable-derived carotenoids, it fights oxidative damage caused by free radicals. 
Oxidation is the cause of many illnesses as our bodies do not have enough antioxidants to prevent attacking cells from consuming excessive oxygen. This results in ‘free radicals’ which are harmful to our bodies. Super Lutein helps to neutralize the effects of free radicals and cut down oxidation.  

With sufficient level of essential nutrients, we will be able to prevent damage to vital organs, maintain healthy skin and vision, and protect our body from many illnesses and diseases.

Super lutein originally targeted at improving health of our eyes. It’s very effective in curing glaucoma, floaters condition, myopia etc… But during the course of consuming super lutein, many have notice other ailments of their body also got healed. In this case to name a few: diabetic, kidney stone, eczema, psoriasis, breast cancer, leukemia etx…. 

I know the list and possibility is endless. And meanwhile I will focus on sharing this good products with people around me. 



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