Among the 4 kids of mine, Manfred suffered eczema the most. I wasn’t even aware of the term “eczema” back then and as a first time mom, it didn’t help when internet resources, FB support group was very much lacking back then( at least to say I didn’t have the access to it back in 2007).
1-I did not breast feed him after he turned 1mo;

2-Chris and I both have sinus problem(which is no surprise that we know parent with allergy or sinus prob, the child/children has higher chance of developing eczema);

3-we use hot water to shower him and shower gel that contain soaps!

Only by the time he was 2 I met a Paed that “educate” me about eczema… Not even my friends or relative whom knew about this too(no hard feeling as no one Knew about eczema)So mark my word, we know our environment is seriously deteriorating, something is lacking in our environment, the food we consume, the air we breathe etc.. Today, 9/10 kids I know had eczema, either very mild occasional occurrence to parents whom still battling this condition even when the child turned 5…
I’m very thankful that somehow Manfred’s eczema seems to be “gone” since he turned slightly more than 5years old. He no longer itch at night, couldn’t fall asleep or itch whenever he sweats a lot, and we were able to bring him to swimming class.(I was reluctant earlier as we know Chlorine in the pool will cause dryness to skin and dry ness is what we avoid for eczema sufferers.)

As for Jude and Nathanael, they don’t seem to have much problem at all and I give credit to the fact that we decided to breastfeed our children from then on. And they both changed to consuming fresh milk after age2. Seems to work pretty well and I hope it stays this way. Don’t get me wrong, this post is not about bashing mom that gives formulas. I often understand and respect that what we choose To give to our children is the best. The best decision, the best choice given the circumstances and other factors that need to be taken into consideration. 

I know breast milk is not the solution to eczema free coz there’s many kids that breastfed fully and still have to battle eczema. By al means, whether is genetic, lactose intolerance, food allergies or dust allergy that causes eczema in your children, don’t take steroid cream as the solution to it. It is not the solution to it…. Take some time to read up on what is “topical steroid withdrawal”… The information and resources is available and its up to us to read it. 


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