Number of siblings 

I’m eldest of 5 siblings. My parent had 3daughters before they had 2 sons. 5 and you could imagine the work, effort, chaos bringing us up. I remember i fight a lot with my siblings.. I used to hate it I have to share. I used to hate it I take the fall for mistakes my younger siblings did. 

But as I grew, I appreciate my brothers and sisters. I’m very very thankful to my parents for giving me 2sisters.. We shares everything. I treasure that so so much…. I know we share about our kids antics today, I know we share about how our spouse “annoys” us by behaving like an over aged child, I know we will still be sharing about how our teenage kids lock their bed room doors from us and so on so forth. 

And becoz I have so many brothers and sisters and we share such great bond, I managed to catch Fast & Furious with Chris despite being a 18rated movie.  

Meet the “super Aunt”

   And super gugu (my brother)
So yes! It’s worth raising 4 kids! I pray that they will grow up to love each other as much if not more than we love them. 


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