After a year of zombiefied 2014, I have told myself no more zombie style of living! I’m a young mother of 4! I must not live like a old retired lady! No energy? Find the energy! We can always recharge! 

My boys has tonnes of energy, let’s go park, let’s go cycling, let’s go play dates, let’s go let’s go let’s go!

And I’m reviving my whole kitchen (not that I have not been cooking) as in I will go back to cooking full fledge, baking, souping(received complaint not enough soup menu for my family), etx… 

And I will be making as much effort as I can to bring my kids out to play! We did quite a few times lately so finger cross waiting to see Noelle starts fussing everyday at 6o’clock wanting to go out. (Man, Jude, Nate all were privilege to have daily dose of play ground/bicycle time etc at least 3-5times a week…. ) that’s our goal, get out as much as possible. I must resume that.  

Everyone knows these two are my sugar sweet pies  Jude + Nate = chaotic formula   We-fie at traffic light…😝  my sweet Noelle in her petals band  by Petit Gems Yeye and Noelle in her bow bands by Jo’s Bowz


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