Sometimes I feel contented to be eating the same thing everyday every time for the whole year and I won’t get bored of it. I can go to the same restaurant, same mall, order the same food and I won’t feel “jelak”…. I’m mundane like that. My kids also.

Comes to cooking. My kids actually don’t mind to eat pasta soup everyday. Fried rice everyday also can.. But I just can’t bring myself to do that to them. Part of me want to give their taste bud more varieties.  

I’m very lucky as for now, I do not feel that my kids are picky eater anymore. They don’t  eat everything’ under the moon, but generally eats most food we serve on the table.  Later I notice all of them are eating bigger portion. No longer sharing… Dining out also becoming more expensive for us… M is already 8yo. 4more years before he no longer entitle to free kids meal! (Not that kids meal could satisfy his appetite anymore)

  This bowl of noodles N almost finish itn ate 2 of this…. Packed with lots of vegetables        


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