Toys toys toys!

urgh! I have love and hate relationship with toys! I don’t understand what is stopping them from keeping the toys in place after playing with it. Every time after I sort it for them, it got jumbled up within the same week. I have started to make them do the sorting with me since few months back. Still not working. I figure we need more systems more boxes, so they won’t just “pour” whole box of toys out just to search for that “particular” toy! 

  Let’s see how long it last..

It took us 2 hours to get it sorted(imagine 10000 pieces of legossssssss). Praise the lord Noelle was sleeping thru. Nate was cooperative and he actually got so tired and he napped right on the floor next to me. 😝😝😝this boy can sleep anywhere.

Playing with their SWAT FIGURINES     

 Jude with partial of his birthday present 

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