Baking list

i have a list long of things that I would love to try baking it…. The lesser time I get to bake, my list get even longer.. 

Noelle is 3.5mo now, she is rather demanding this few weeks, she will demand to be carried, or at least kept her company. Otherwise the moment I walk away, she starts screaming and crying her lung out. It’s heart breaking and often I end up putting down every single work, or I carry her while work…. I hope it’s just a phase. 

Back to baking list..

1-more butter cake(my favorite)

2- kick ass carrot cake with cream cheese 

3-chocolate cake with kick ass cream cheese frosting 

4- Nutella chiffon cake(for Manfred)

5- cranberries cheese bun

6- red bean roll

7- sausage buns

8- to be continued 


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