Simple food that feeds my family 

i bought some skewers from daiso last year, and never use before, I came across a skewer chicken fillet one day while browsing FB. So I decided to make skewers chicken with capsicum and roast potatoes! This is da-bomb! Jude the picky eater also polishes his plate! Says again food presentation is some important to a kid’s appetite 
  He finished everything. Nate has more than him!  
ONeighbor gave me some banana which my kids doesn’t want to eat it by its own (most day I don’t have luxury of baking anything with banana as it finishes very soon) 

So since they don’t like that particular banana I decided to bake banana peach muffin, which was very nice! The fragrant of peach and sweetness of banana make this the perfect afternoon tea snacks 




 This was one of those Monday blues loaf. It was using 65c tang zhong method. I’ve tried 5c and 65c starter dough method and I have come to conclusion that 65c tang zhong method makes soft and fluffy bread that the softness lasted more than3 days   

Fcream cheese bun. This is the most satisfying batch of cream cheese bun! I really wish I have more time to bake more bun like this.


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