Snippets of things he says

Ever since N was weaned off my breast, he slowly develop an habit of rubbing my belly to sleep. Jude used to have that habit too. N calls my belly “BB” cause that’s what he calls my pregnant belly before I deliver Noelle. 

One afternoon while I was nursing Noelle, I asked N if he wants to drink my breast milk.

Me: Nathanael do you want to drink nen nen?

Nate: I don’t want nen nen, I like BB only…..

As my sis was around and coincidently she was nursing her boy… So I asked N, 

Me: do you like Ah yee BB?

N reached for my sis belly and give it a stroke and say:

Nate: ah yee BB nice, mummy BB nice 

Me: do you like daddy BB? 

(Obviously some nights when my belly was not available, he could settle for daddy’s BB too

Nate: daddy’s BB black black
*everyone burst out laughing* 



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