I may not be great, but will keep trying 

the title says it all. I want my kids to all remember, they do not need to be great, nor greatest; but they must never give up trying. 

Today being the last day of 1 week school holiday (actually tomorrow still holiday due to haze; but mummy got to go office for some work), daddy decided to bring them to curve for the NINJAGO BATTLE OF DOJO FAIR. When we reach, it was close to 3pm and there were Q&A SESSIONS. M&J refuse to participate at first, I was mad that they didn’t even try. Later on they decided that there’s nothing a shame or to be shy about, they join in the crowd to try to Answer the question. 

M caught a chance and he won a little gift. Then drama 2 begin, Jude was very upset about it. Comforted him and we continue to stay there for meet and greet Kai and Sensei Wu, we took a family photo on stage(no shame for mummy daddy too!)  

After the photo session, Jude and I joined a contest whereby mother and son can participate.

We use Lego blocks to make the word “NINJAGO” exactly like the picture they showed us. I don’t have any picture as daddy was bb sitting Nate and Noelle and could  not snap picture. We lost to the other team, but still a same prize.  

 Jude was very happy.. I’m glad he didn’t throw too big of a tantrum earlier when kor kor won something he didn’t. In the end God is great to him, I hope Jude continues to understand God is always good and just. 

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