Work from home mom

  You know those day, whenever I hear someone working for some MNCs, they get to work from home.. I always say.. Wah.. So naiseeee no need to go office, so flexible.. As if work from home no need work.. 

Then when I had kid, Iagi jeles those that work from home. I thought: best -Nya… Child care also no need… Syiok lah… 

So I imagine work from home mom sounds like my ultimate goal… 

 see…. So poise.. Smile, all dolled up

With a well behaved tod on my lap…. Well, working from home with children hasn’t really been what I first imagine it would be. But nevertheless if I were to choose again, I will still make the same choice! I love my children too much. Or rather my controlling  nature takes over. 

I been working from home with 4 kids for almost a year now and I can tell you I’m loving every bit of it. My days are really busy and packed but my spirits are high and I’m so much happier compared to when I just stay home without a work. I’m earning a steady income, although not a lot to some people but to me, it’s pretty good compared to the hours I put in a week.. Not to mention my whole family is benefited from it not just financially..we are benefited in term of overall health And we often are told that HEALTH IS indeed our Wealth too! 

Another good thing about it is, I can choose to work longer when I feel like it, and work lesser when my kids needed me to prepare for their school party, sew their concert costume, they want to learn to make pig in blanket etx.. I can afford to go on holiday anytime! 

The only downside is, I wish I’m always dresses up, made up nicely when I WORK, truth is,  

 this is what it seems like most day.. 😂😂😂😂😂ain’t complaining thou ! 


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