Under weather is no no no!

  I for one, hate to be sick. Ok come on! Who likes to fall ill anyway? Unless when I was not a mom yet and I really really dreaded to go into office to face a very difficult day ahead, then at times I might have sort of “glad” I was a little under weather. 😝

But ever since I have kids, rain or shine. I get no escape from being a Mom. It’s not a joke nor exaggeration when they say moms work 365days a year. I SIMPLY CANNOT AFFORD TO FALL SICK. 

When I was not well, I couldn’t cook, and I was so ill that I couldn’t even gather enough strength to drive out for take out. One night my kids had to munch on cracker till daddy comes home at 10pm with McDonald drives thru. And my 8yo was sobbing in joy when I told him his dinner is on the way home. That’s how pathetic it is when mommy is sick and kitchen is closed. I might not be a very good cook, but I ensure my kids’ belly are fed all the time. 

All in all, I for one, always believe that, it’s a blessing that I have to labor everyday. I never mind the labor part as I believe to be able to do so, one has got a healthy body. And taking care of our own health is important. Always important. I told my mom that I will not mind to work till the day I go to meet my creator. I need no rest and will always find pleasure in work I do. 

Many things ahead and I got lots more parties to attend! And 4 kids to entertain this school holiday! 


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