Important traits to cultivate 

I know most parents today find parenting is challenging. If you find it a breeze, congratulation! Truly happy for you. 

Well, I can’t actually say it’s a breeze, I think parenting job is not easy. It takes a lot on a person in terms of emotionally, physically and psychologically.. So I totally agreed when they say they are not exaggerating that parenting is tough. 

How many kids do you have? Well after we read so many parenting book like how to talk so your child will listen…. But is there a book that works for every child? I certainly have yet to find that book except the book of life which I referred to as BIBLE….

No I’m not preaching. Just expressing myself since it’s 2am and I’m wide awake for no particular reason…..  

    The 2 big boys have been refusing to take photos with me. This day they must be in extremely good mood.. I got a few shots! I miss their baby time when this 2 little growing boys gives me tonnes of headache… But they are still very sweet albeit handful
Fall asleep in my carrier when accompany me to attend Jude’s standard 1 orientation…

   We been hit! Real
Hard! By what? Star Wars lo.. 


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