Bye bye 2015

While 2015 is drawing to an end, again, I couldn’t believe how fast time has passed once again. It seems like the earth is spinning at much faster pace each year. While I hope time could slow down a bit, but really that’s not a choice of ours to make. And I remember a saying in Chinese 快乐不知时日过。 it means happy time passes by real fast. So I guess the earth never really spin faster, my explanation would be because we are having an awesome good time so it feels like TIME IS FLYING! 

I can’t say 2015 is all smooth sailing but it’s been the greatest year yet! Lots of good things happen to us. There are some not so good things too, but we will choose to focus on the blessing that has been bestowed upon us and forget the bad. 

I thank you Lord for blessing us with a healthy baby girl, as well as 3 very precious princes! I pray that tjey will grow up to love each other so so much and always have each other’s back. 

I thank you Lord for HIS providence, be it opening up door to new opportunity, meeting new people, answering our prayer at our desperate time, be our pillar of strength when things seems to be falling apart.

Thank you for the guidance and wisdom which brings us to where we are today. I hope we will always be humbled and never forget our roots. 

I thank God for his blessing whereby I’m able to a stay at home mom to our beautiful children, while HE knows my heart longed for that recognition apart from being “just A mom”, HE leads, and HE shows the way and HE blessed me… Thank you for the little opportunity that HE opens for me. Thank you for the financial blessing, personal inner strength he given me, like-minded people that HE sents along the way etc… Million thanks doesn’t even adequate to express my joy and gratitude. 

Can’t wait for 2016! 


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