Female rambles 

Just early this week, I make a phone call to a lady aged over 50yo. She was a housewife most of her life. People from that time were mostly in family whom have many siblings, and most of time they struggle financially and most of them do not have the privilege to go to school and instead they started work very early.

So it’s not unusual for the female to get married at younger age if they can find a family better off. Often women from that time is “contented” with a roof over their head, and a warm filled belly. I said contented as not many I know was raised to DREAM, change their life and go after what they want. Most time they were taught to be submissive, be contented and be grateful. 

She was very proud to share with me how she finally drove by herself to a mall, and walk in a restaurant, ordered food and sit down to enjoy a lunch all by herself. It was no fine dining nor 5 star restaurant. But to her, it mean a great big deal to break free…. To go places on her own, without relying on “simon” who is willing to bring her there, to drop by spontenously for a cold shave iced if she feels like it. I was puzzled of course. How is driving to a place 15 min away from where she lives could bring such emotion of great achievement. It certainly doesn’t mean a big deal to me. But this time, I finally “hear” her.. She finally taken her big step, to believe she is worth it, she has a choice, she deserve to have what she wants, she can own it, she is powerful, she is beautifully, she is able…

Many won’t even know what I am talking about. This post is certainly not for the opposite sex. Feel free to skip, I do not welcome negative comment in this post. Thank you. 

I pray that many women that suffers will find comfort, confidence, support, courage and guidance and help in gaining independence. I pray for them to be strong, committed, giving and loving…..’to people

Around them, as well as themselves. 

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