Another fruitful Saturday 

  This is me, fresh and excited to start the day! Off to make the first delivery of the day before 9am, Jude and Nate and Chris was still in their dreamland. So I got Manfred and Noelle out of the house with me. Right after I drop off the stocks to a friend with a 4yogirl and almost 10mo twin girls, I quickly go to wet market to pick up the Pork that I ordered and some fruits.

Then we head to send manfred to his ukulele class. In between I was answering some inquiry on my phone, picking up another school pants for Manfred with Noelle while waiting for ukulele class to finish. The crowds at hyper market is just scary’! I was very put off by the Q and decided not to buy anything even thou their 3in1 coffee mix was on sales! 

 After that we go home and pick up the curry puff that I ordered for today seminar. Got home, shower Noelle and manfred and off we go! 
This is me with Jude! Changed and al

Set for today’s seminar in Naturally Plus office!  
 Traffic was bad due to lots of road closure but I managed to reach office albeit 35Mins late! 

Michael was sharing with us the bonus system. While earlier Patsy shared on super Lutein and Izumio and how the product has changed her life for better!  

While I was taking note of the seminar sharing, my kids were outside mingling with other kids and feasting! 

 Boy no wonder my boys behave so well! There were so much food  to make them happy!  


If you would like to know more about super Lutein and izumio, hop over to our Facebook page to know more and if you want more info, you can always do your independent research or ask me so u can be added to our Facebook group that is exclusively reserve for super Lutein and izumio users 

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