Since I started my naturally plus business, I been so so so much happier. My overflowing plates are spilling really but yet i have so much joy doing it, and not to mention the sense of fulfillment I get after being “just a mom” for the longest time(I felt only….)

I have tried to work between kids nap time, school run, weekend etx… And praise the lord! I wouldn’t say it was a easy breeze journey, and I won’t say it was hell of a bumpy ride either. But I can tell you everyday is a new adventure as most of time I do not know when I will be able to answer to a new inquiry I received now and then, or how am I going to have time to travel 50min to kl city centre just to get registration done and cart home the stocks and after that deliver it to my customers. But I often take 1 step at a time and always have faith that all will be well, and true enough. All is well. 

Today after carting the stock home and after dinner time, I left all 4 kids with hub while I quick dash to delivery! I was home less than a hour.  

 The pleasant surprise I find – a super dad! He got all kids showered, changed, including himself and now they sitting down watching YouTube singing their lung out, how awesome is that!!!!! 

Makes all the hard work so so so worthwhile..


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