Can we have it all?

Can we have it all? 
When we welcome our 4th child (our very first girl) in Jan 2015, I have also started my Izumio business. I got the blessing from my hub to give me the green light. I only spoke and discuss with him because he was the one and only person most likely to say “YES”. Others mostly will brush me off by saying having 4 kids is already handful, how would you find time for other things.. 

Turns out, if we set our mind to it, everything is possible. Tuesday was the usual weekday where I spend my morning getting m&j ready for school, coaching homework, showering baby, preparing lunch etx.. 

Baby is very much into self feeding and so I let her and just clean up the mess after she finishes. This is typically monkey sees monkey do. She stuff her spoon into her mouth.. This is frown upon nevertheless mummy have to snap a pic as evidence before removing it from her mouth. 

We usually rush off to drop kids to primary by noon and fetch Nate back from pre school… This particular day Nate is so excited. He knew Izumio truck is coming to our house to deliver the Izumio and he been very cooperative….

These guys are really God sent as they save me from having to drive all the way to office and lug more than hundred boxes of Izumio into car with 2 young kids in tow. And what amazed me is they handle the boxes so well knowing how important it is to some people 🙂 

As curious as a child can be, he requested to climb into the truck, but the moment he is in, he was rather shy. 

During the time of loading and unloading these boxes, N and R walks in and out non stop! 

By the time M was back, he helped me to record down the stocks of both Izumio and super Lutein and pack it according to my list.

These will be send out for this coming week.. 

This is after all works are done… PLAY! 


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