A crappy tooth fairy 

Manfred was first born, he had almost perfect tooth fairy encounters. His tooth got pick up all the time. 

I have to confess. Jude was not as lucky. After twice. Tooth fairy was too sleepy, too occupied with other stuffs, fall asleep too early, woke up too late, jelly brain not working and hence Jude has a tooth that never got picked up.. He was “heart broken”…

But he did not lose hope. Last few days they both had a tooth that came off.. Today I will only show you what Jude wrote. 

Last few round when tooth fairy didn’t come, me as a lousy tooth fairy had to come up with excuse. Finally I said maybe tooth fairy don’t want ur teeth. They have not been brushed…😭it’s actually not funny because honestly the guilt consume me.. Like I neglected him.. I choked when I read this… Sad and guilty 


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