Who is the teacher 

Who is the teacher?
💬Does she know A,B,C? 

💬Can she count 1,2,3?
She is turning 2 in 2months time. She is the child that I never bothered to teach her anything. 
Irresponsible parent you may call me. I do not deny I struggle to do what I did with M when I had only 1 child. He was attending special infant classes, we give him undivided attention etc. 
But it is more of I finally realize and accept that children is actually the teacher of our life. We are the students. For one they taught me how to love when I thought I already knew it. 
She taught me to identify others love language and speak their language. 
This girl, her very dominant love language is definitely “Physical touch”. Notice she want leaning towards me a few times and she was actually giving m lots of kisses and she sure enjoy being hugged, caress and kisses 
We were singing to the tune of Elmo and Feist 1,2,3,4 😝yes it is still a hit in our household

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