This blog started almost 10years ago on a boring night when I was a first time expectant mother. I have very little expectation or rather objective of why I started this blog in the first place. But I’m an impromptu person and at times I kick start something just cause it feels right. You only live once YOLO and I promised myself that I will try to live. 
While Chinese saying 无心插柳柳成荫,this blog transform from my journal of pregnancy to delivery to motherhood to initially 1, then 2 and 3……….

(People were asking me to stop pro-create by then….. oh yes.. trust me there are people like that.. ) 

But well, it’s our own life and we make our own tough decision, or rather st times HE is the one and only and solely author of our life. 

I become a mother to 4…. proud mother to 3 princes and 1 princessses. I met a lot of wonderful friends via blogging. And at one stage, everyone sort of abandoned the blogging and everyone is connected on Facebook. Oh ya. I am guilty of neglecting this space and spending too much time on Facebook. But as long as I get to stay in connect with those matters to me. I think I’m good. Recently I even started to learn to use instagram just so I can know what’s happening with a few of my bestsie whom I only get to meet once every year or once every 2 years. 

Being a mom, being a woman is really not easy. We often succumbed to social pressure, other people’s expectation, judgemental advises etc…While I’m grateful for the invention of social media where connecting with people become so easy, I have also seen the dark side of mothers, women, wife, seek advise on a forum and receive awful judgmental comments…. 

I have seen enough of women being beaten to rock bottom simply due to very awful judgement…. only if everyone could practice

More compassion…..

I was once judgmental, and Im putting a stop to it. 

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