This happened a little while ago and I shared it over my Facebook. 
⏰⏰⏱⏰⏰WE ARE LATE! ⏰⏰⏱⏰⏰
9yo had an early basketball 🏀 tournament at 7.30am. I have to say he anticipated it very much and have had actually everything including his clothes, water, bag ready the night before. 

But when I woke up, the clock shows 7.40am, school is 15min drive away. 
I woke him up and scream “Manfred basketball!” 
He woke up crying cause he was late…. he said he missed it already, he don’t want to go cause his friends is going to laugh at him and he is afraid teacher yap will scold….


daddy reminded that sportsmanship is not like that one…… must GO, so I dragged him into the car.. he was still sobbing 😭 

Totally no scolding or pushing blame today. I shared with him I had my share of being late both to work those day, and I was still late to church the day before, but I still go… 
Conclusion was,he went, maybe his day hasn’t started off as good as he pictured, same goes to mine,i wish to unwind the clock and undo this but I can’t, so we make do of what’s best. A very plus point out of this event was, he was able to express to me why he was upset, he was expressing his worry, sadness instead of just sobbing away….
He played, there are 3 in his group but 1 didn’t come, so it was 2 against 3’and they lost to red team….. but he went, and he played… praise the Lord we have tomorrow🤗we can always try again

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