IT has started out on a boring night…. Too much time to kill and too little things to do…. Just a place where I can share some moments in my life… ppl who care can come by and be part of it…

I have had a good life… so far there’s nothing I could complain about…. Just constantly reminding myself how lucky I am to have almost everything I dreamt of at this stage of my life…..

Updated 5Nov2009

I am blessed with 2 beautiful boys. Manfred born on 9Nov2007. The little boar baby that I didn’t know I was carrying and drinks lots of “cool” drink hoping my menses will come.. snap!

My 2nd bundle of joy came as surprise when Manfred was 10mths old. That was the moment I was too overwhelmed by very active boys and thought of 2nd baby was off my mind….. Jude was born on mothers’ day 9May2009.

Life as a mom to 2 boys is a challenges.. My life has changed.. in the most beautiful way.. I am learning to embrace my days more and learning to be a more patient person….

Updated 12April2013
Well.. Life is full of surprises isn’t it? It won’t be call life if its dull and predictable. Just when I thought I was sealed with the chop of “mother to 2…”, I become mother of 3 in 27oct2012… Who knows when the seal will altered to mother to 4,5,6, and god knows how many… Hahahahah am I making you worry already?

Oh well! 27January2015 another important date! We are officially parents to 4! 

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