Baby bullet

Bought a baby bullet to prepare N’s food. Honestly, it’s a wonderful gadget to have. Easy to wash! And so fast when comes to prepare baby food now. Since we been feeding him 3-4solids daily, it’s really worth buying.

To fully utilized it, I also use it to prepare snacks for M&J. Thanks to haze, I have to make sure we all take fruits as snacks 2-3times everyday, plus lots of h2o as well. So I use my plain yogurt to make yogurt snacks for them whenever I prepare fruits for the boys. So N can chew on fruits, while M&J gets fresh fruits yogurt!





These are some of the foods I prepare for N.

Nathanael and solids

Nate has started taking solid for a good 6weeks. He doesn’t show much interest during the first 4weeks. But I still diligently serves him solids 2-4times daily. He usually will take 1-2spoons and then clamps his lips tight that nothing gets shovels into his mouth.

The most he could take at 1 meal is 3tablespoon.. Pathetically little! So far he has tried banana, avocado, rice cereal, brown rice porridge, pumpkin, apple, pear, grapes, carrots, sweet potato,mango, millets, baby peach, bread, pao skin…. That’s all I could think off. I realize he loves bread and pao skin, probably cause he sees us eating it, hence he shows greater interest in it.



I always wanted to snap pictures of his food but always forget!

Nate @ 6mo

Finally he is 6mo already. Brought him to 6mo immunization. He weigh 9.7kg & 71cm. Nurse commented that he is big size. And they were awed when asked and Nate is fully breastfed.
He is sitting unsupported by himself. And yesterday he manage to get himself to sitting position from crawling.

He has started on solid since a week plus. Tried rice cereal, apple purée, banana, bread, carrot, pumpkin, pumpkin porridge. He starting to enjoy it more in recent 2 days. He finally knows how to open up his mouth so I could scoop food into his mouth.

He is also becoming more clingy and starts to show sign of separation anxiety.

Growth spur?

Manfred is now officially 4.5yo. Most time he doesn’t give me big headache when comes to eating. He pretty much not very choosy and eats mostly what given to him.

Lately, he been requesting to have lots of rice during dinner time. Yesterday he surprised me with his appetite. He came home from school and had 4piece of mini lotus bun. It was about 5pm. I anticipate that by dinner probably he won’t be interested in the rice anymore.

At 7pm, I was getting Jude ready for dinner. Manfred came help me in the kitchen. Again he said:”mummy I want a lot a lot of rice.” so I gave him his normal portion of about a bowl full of rice. Then he happily chomp down everything in his plate. Which includes baked beans and egg, stir fried bean sprouts, fish cake and fried fish..

Jude was co-operate too. He hasn’t been much of a foodie and we battle constantly whenever meal time comes.
Finger cross and hopefully we will get to where we are with Manfred.



Jude’s diet

How early your kiddos start to be able to chew properly? I believe each kids varies.

Jude started rice since 7-8months old.(he will ask for a taste of our rice, so We give a pinch and he takes pretty well).

Jude takes solid pretty well, and he takes rice, noodles, spaghetti, bread, soups well….. Except vege and meat(chunks). If you cooked it with porridge till real soft then he will wallop all the meat and vege, but not anything stirred fried that sort. Yesterday finally he able to chew well some pork and blanched broccoli that I gave him together with rice and soup. He finish all of it… Giving it a proper chew before swallow it too…

I am so happy…….. And he snack on some steam fish too………