Boba 3G

I learnt about baby wearing when I have Jude. He was clingy and wouldn’t settle in the car seat nor stroller until he was 1year plus. So that’s when I start baby wearing using pouch and ring sling. I still have both of my ring sling from Mamapatch.

So it’s no surprise that I baby wear Nate as well. With 3 kids it’s easier to baby wear instead of using stroller. But we still incorporate stroller as well. And I was surveying to get a soft structure carrier. It’s better as it can carry up to 20kg and up to toddlerhood. Best of all, it’s easier for hub to learn it compare ring sling.

I settle for boba 3G after a long research and reading and a trip to try it out with Nate.

It’s awesome to use when we go out for a long outing. Gives us free hand and Nate (8.1kg) feels almost weightless with the carrier. 20130213-103653.jpg20130213-103824.jpg

Yesterday hub baby wear Nate along when we bring the boys to go brisk walk all the way to the foot of saga hill.

Manfred and Jude walked 2.9km all by themselves. It was tiring for them, but they did it, and they came back continue to play with bicycle too.

Bear in mind we did not “jog” with Nate in carrier as its not advisable. The benefits it brings us was we get free hands handling the elder boys, and Nate was able to come along with us.

Fall asleep in the carrier… Despite all sweat and smelly!