Boba 3G

I learnt about baby wearing when I have Jude. He was clingy and wouldn’t settle in the car seat nor stroller until he was 1year plus. So that’s when I start baby wearing using pouch and ring sling. I still have both of my ring sling from Mamapatch.

So it’s no surprise that I baby wear Nate as well. With 3 kids it’s easier to baby wear instead of using stroller. But we still incorporate stroller as well. And I was surveying to get a soft structure carrier. It’s better as it can carry up to 20kg and up to toddlerhood. Best of all, it’s easier for hub to learn it compare ring sling.

I settle for boba 3G after a long research and reading and a trip to try it out with Nate.

It’s awesome to use when we go out for a long outing. Gives us free hand and Nate (8.1kg) feels almost weightless with the carrier. 20130213-103653.jpg20130213-103824.jpg

Yesterday hub baby wear Nate along when we bring the boys to go brisk walk all the way to the foot of saga hill.

Manfred and Jude walked 2.9km all by themselves. It was tiring for them, but they did it, and they came back continue to play with bicycle too.

Bear in mind we did not “jog” with Nate in carrier as its not advisable. The benefits it brings us was we get free hands handling the elder boys, and Nate was able to come along with us.

Fall asleep in the carrier… Despite all sweat and smelly!

I’m a Big Brother

Way way back, I asked M&J if they would like a mei mei or another didi, their answer were always NO! It’s magical how they become so enthusiastic when I told them there is a baby inside me.

I had a small worry, that M&J will be extremely jealous when Nathanael come along. I heard horror stories of elder siblings pinching and whacking small babies. So far, little Nate received no whacking nor spanking or all sort except lots of loves and affections.


I bought this and read to Jude today. He was so happy and felt even more special. I hope the love and affection stays. And I hope they grow up to be best pals…. I can’t wait for Nate to grow up, and going places together, doing things together!

Meet Charlotte Huan

I am so honored finally I am promoted to 大姨妈!I am the eldest among the cousin and eldest among my siblings. And I got married first and so I never have chance to have baby call me ah yi yet. So I am so so so excited when I know my sis was pregnant! After 9mths finally meet my little niece! Absolute cutie pie!
Charlotte Huan – born 3dec2010
She is absolute beauty with great attitude. Day 5 only and she already gave us endless international model poses.. Don’t believe me? See for yourself…





















Welcome baby Charlize

It has been joy since we knew that our friend Charmaine is expecting her first child in Jan2010. We been since waiting and waiting and waiting for the day to come. Without realizing it, the day has finally came. Charlize finally make her debut on the 16Jan2010. She is the “Gugirl” that we been anxious to meet… “Gugirl” is the little nick i had for the “imaginary” bb girl I had when i was carrying Jude. I thought it was a girl and was expecting an “OX” baby so I call ox bb girl “GUgirl” 🙂

I am very happy that Charmaine finally successfully deliver Charlize natural way.. And think the job is finally done? nah…. the toughest job has just begun.. I would love to welcome Charmaine to the journey of motherhood, and welcome Charlize to the baby club….

Jude and Lyn got electric shock…..

Xmas is around the corner, hence our Xmas tree is up since few weeks back. But last week one of the lights doesn’t lit and hubby took it down to repair it. then before even we able to put up the light after repair, another set stop working again. So hubby took it down but it’s working!?!

SO it was so convenient they just left the light on leaving it beside the TV. The light was blinking and it’s quite nice to see.. that’s why Jude decided to lay his hand on it… 2 sec his hand on the light, I was alerted and went take it away and we both got shocked by electric for 2-3 sec!!!!

WAH SEI!! He cried of course.. mainly due to pain and shock! I was terrified too!!!!!

Good news is, now he stops when we say “NO!”