Officially family of 5ive!

It was a long weekend. We spent our Friday out at MV whole day. And got home watched kingdom of heaven. It was a great day. I even bought bak Kua and told hub we will have fried egg with bak Kua sandwich for breakfast.

I woke up at 3something feeling like wanting to pass motion. Went toilet briefly and fall back to sleep for a while, only to wake up again at 4am due to leg cramp. I Google and checked if its possible to have leg cramps along with contraction. And yes it’s possible! But I still try to go back to sleep but failed. And I timed the contraction was about 5min apart, but not intense. Informed hub it could be time and he reluctantly told me to sleep and let’s admit in the morning. By 4.45am, I showered and wake him up, told him we shouldn’t wait.

We reach hospital at about 5.55 close to 6am. I was already 5cm dilated. 2nd examination at labor room, progressed only another cm. but not long after that, I start to feel the contraction become more intense, and soon I was already 8cm, and time to call the doctor in. 7.35am we welcome our 3rd prince Nathanael Law! He was loud! And he is perfect! All praise, glory and honor to The Lord! The timing, the progress, the labor, everything was perfect.

Here fresh out from oven!

And our first “glamorous-not” family photo.

And Jude kor kor that keep requesting to carry his little brother. Oh yes! He is finally the big brother, it makes him feel special.

Sharing my child birth episode – Jude

Me again, sharing my 2nd childbirth experience.

EDD for BB2 was 23May2009. When I was at37weeks, it was torturing cause I was so heavily pregnant, tiring, lazy and at the same time taking care of a extremely demanding, active 18mths old toddler. My gynae appointment was scheduled on the 8May2009.

Before going for gynae appointment, I have “consulted” with hubby and told him I want to induce labor after week38 should bb still no sign of wanting to come out. I was desperate! So on 8May09, I spoke to doctor, and made appointment for induce labor on 13May (my birhtday) LOL I wanted to share my birthday with my 2nd baby.

On this particular day, I send Manfred back to my mum’s place. Then I told hubby I want to go shopping, eating, and pak tor spree before no2 come. So drop off Manfred, 10am we head to IKEA for shopping. Nothing particular to buy, but just window shop in IKEA. AFter that we did went other places which i couldn’t recall. I recall we had dinner with my families and we got home around 10something. Manfred was very fussy that night cause he has very bad nappy rash plus diarrhea. The rash got worse despite we put him on clothes nappy, apply ointment and wash him right after poop. At 12am, I couldn’t bear seeing Manfred in such agony, hubby and I send him to clinic. Nothing much done by them also, just give us ointment to apply. By the time we were home, it was 1am already. I manage to put Manfred to sleep at last. I shower and going into bed, the clock was showing 1.45am.

Just when I was about to fall asleep, I fell some wetness on my pants. I wasn’t sure if I did pee..I some more ask my hubby did my waterbag broke?My hubby jokingly say “You wet ur pants lar”!! So i just change again and go to bed again.. THEN MORE H2O coming out………….. Then I told my hubby, I wasn’t peeing!!! My water bag did broke liao!!!! Think about it, hubby say i wet pants probably because he didn’t want to go hospital at 2am all the way from klang to cheras. LOL.

My mum was praying downstairs. She ask me to go hospital immediately. I left my hospital bag at my mil place. Luckily I had my admission letter with me in my purse. I showered, shampooed at left klang at 230am. I didn’t inform my in law as it was midnight and I know usually they wake up very early and I could call them first thing in the morning. We admit to pantai cheras again and by 330am, Midwife check me and I was already 6cm dilated.

The contraction was quite intense, but wasn’t regular. It was bearable until 4am, I was in much pain that at last I have to take the Entonox. With the gas, i was able to fall asleep. Hubby also went to my ward room to sleep.( he was able to do so cause I op for single bed room this round. this is to make it more convenient for breastfeeding). At 6somethings, I was wakened by VERY VERY INTENSE PAIN!!!!!!!! midwife check and finally i was 10cm.

I was pushing and I could feel my bb head coming out. The moment baby’s head crown, I keep having the urgency to push. YET midwife told me to “HOLD”!!!!! She told me doctor not here yet, you have to hold, if not after down there tear!! Despite in great pain, I able to hold a short conversation with her.

Lynn: I cannot not push, baby want to come out!!

MW: Dun push! After down there tear!

*Another contraction came*
Lynn: Miss, ARRRRRRRR cannot hold ar!! Baby want to come OUT!!!!!!!!

MW: Cannot!! doctor not yet come.

Lynn: AR? How long can doctor reach? Baby want to come out! I no push also he come out!!!! HOW TO HOLD??!!!!!

MW: If you want to push u push a little lar..

*Another contraction come and this time even more URGE TO PUSH!!*

Lynn: BABY COMING OUT!!!!!!! HOW??!

*Midwife stuck the ENTONOX gas at my face*

MW: U inhale gas lar!!

somehow the gas manage to “reduce” the contraction and I was dizzy…. half asleep… In my half dreamland, I heard the midwife say:” WOW, the gas good ar, so pain also now she fall asleep d”
I was thinking, I can still hear u le miss!!

same things *contraction came, inhale gas, hall asleep* happened for 4-5times.. 5minutes later, gynae finally arrived.

In 2-3 pushes, at 7.17am, Jude was borned 3.25KG. 54cm.
He was 1 day shy to 38weeks. Jude wants to celebrate Mother’s day with mommy….

Sharing my child birth episode – Manfred

WARNING! This post contain Bloody PHOTOS! Navigate away if u r not “Bloody PHOTO Fans” LOL

I did not shared about my child birth episode / episodes before. However lately Jenny started a SAHM forum and I was sharing my child birth story there. So I decided to share it on my blog as well.. Although it’s kinda back dated. Hope you enjoy reading it and share yours with mine too. 🙂

My first boy EDD was in 21Nov2007. I was a first time mommy, with no close relative(my age), friends, colleagues or who so ever that given birth. So I was pretty much a blur crab. At week 38, I went for my regular weekly check. Doctor did physical examination and I was 2cm dilated. My BP was a little high too.(I was on medication for high BP during 2nd trisemester, it’s gone till week 38 it surfaced again).

It was a day before deepavali, 7Nov. So doctor told me to admit on the 9nov for induce labor. My hubby and myself went home with lots of thoughts and mind in our heads. We were very anxious to meet our baby, but wasn’t expecting it to be so “soon”. So I called my mom, talk to my mil and etc… although my mom against the idea of induce cause scare bb dun wan come out then i end up c-section HOW?!

After a very very longgggggggggggggg conversation(1whole day) with my hubby. We concluded that we will just be blur crab again, just do what the doctor said. Then we head to ampang park to eat korean bbq with my friends.. LOL

On 9Nov. We checked in to Pantai Cheras at 7am. The nurse ask me to change, then shave me and do all the necessarily “procedures”. Then by 8am, I was hooked to the drip for induce labor d. First hour, we were still “clowning” and joking in labor room.. Took photo somemore! Then after 1 hour, start to feel the contraction more intense. Midwife came check, I was only 3cm dilated. 😦 I was thinking, die lo, at tthat speed, i probably won’t be delivering my bb till the next day. The midwife some more remove my pedicure, say if later induce tak jadi, have to c-section! So she help me remove first!!! KEK SEI NGOR>

The unbearable pain came another hour later, which by then was 11am already. I was so miserable that no position could make me feel comfortable, hubby kept rubbing my back also no use, and I said:” I should have op to go for c-section in the very beginning!!”

At 11.45, I feel like peeing. Midwife told me to inform them if i wan to pee. They gave me urine “container”( I dunno the proper term) to pee… I tried but tak boleh pee, So midwife use a tube to empty my bladder. AFter that she did a physical examination again. I was a blurred, almost dead, absolutely feeling regret crab by then. My beloved hubby went outside of the labor room to go eat the sandwich he ta pau from home…And guess what? Midwife say I am at 10cm already, bb is ready to be out. Suddenly “almost dead” crab came alive. First thing I said was, GO GET MY HUSBAND! He is outside eating sandwich!!

So my hubby came in, stood by my side, then midwife start to teach me pushing techniques. I was quite lousy during 1st baby. I forgot how many times i push. But after a while, midwife told me bb head crown already. then Ask me to “hold” and rest. Then they call the doctor down. My gynae was 2 floors up doing his antenatal check for his patient. Once the doctor came, I think in 2-3 pushes, without myself realizing it, Manfred was born and I just saw a “package” thrown to my chest.. It was the most amazing moment of my life.. My hubby shred a tear of joy…. First time in my life of knowing him for more than 10years.

Here a pic of Manfred very first moment of life….
From there, the journey of my motherhood began, in the most beautiful way..