Happy 35th birthday

Hub turned 35 on 23feb. We were suppose to attend a retreat
. But the nuns were busy and we got a week off from attending class. *wink*

We took the opportunity and went MV to celebrate. Brought the kids to kids e-world. (Wait a minute! Whose birthday was it again?! Welcome to parenthood! Sacrifices)

We had lunch at Italianes again! Free cake on the house for “birthday Man”. And the whole restaurant patrons sings him birthday song! How wonderful is God to declare His love to His beloved children!

The party doesn’t ends there. Sunday we have another party held at SIL house. Scrumptious dinner! We feast to our heart until our belly were close to the edge of bursting. I loved the chicken so so much!! *slurp slurp slurp*

Happy birthday dear, may God bless you with a healthy body, caring heart like you are always, and lots of wisdom! Thank you for being such a wonderful spouse and daddy to the boys! We love you always.

Something about Nate


This smile, charming isn’t it? He is generous with his smile, mostly with mama only.

Everywhere we go, he gets attention. Partly due to his chubbiness, but most time people will pop “the” question, “what happen to his face? Mosquito bite a?”

I was told its a birth mark, strawberry mark to be exact. Well, I have learnt about this terminology only 3months ago. It was something new to me. But it doesnt bother me much despite I was told it could grow bigger.

Why not bothered? Is that the attitude a mom should have? Well it depends. We have bigger worry back then, something greater than merely worrying of his appearance. At 1m immunization, doc hushed M&J during the check, my heart sank. She was listening to Nathanael’s heart beat like something wasn’t right. And I was given a referral letter.

I only discuss it with hub… we couldn’t accept it at first, mainly cause he look so healthy. Only thing was he sleeps so much, (I m not bragging, I would brag about it if there were not letter, and doc never mention the heart murmur thing) he sleeps so much that I and hub starts to worry, was it really his heart has problem hence he sleeps so much?
.ding dong for a month, finally we decided to go ahead get him checked just to be sure, just to be safe.

We were given an appointment 8feb2013. Wah! CNY wor, haiya, just have to do it la…

Reached there, register&weigh him.
At 3months12days old

Waited 2hour only see doctor. Before hearing his heart, paed cardio said she didnt hear anything abnormal. We were relieved by a little… hoping for best.
Nathanael was fantastic during the ECG. NO FUSS AT ALL! Praise the Lord!

And we have to give thanks to God again as we receive best piece of news, that his heart is perfect! Beaitiful heart beAt, perfectly healthy heart. Hallelujah!
Nate:mama did I gave u a scared?

Me: well, so long you are healthy my baby, thats all that matters

Xmas eve 2012

It’s been tradition to goes to midnight mass. During years we skipped Sunday masses, we still attend Xmas midnight mass. But it was all about Xmas dinner, gifts exchange and Santa Claus going down chimney back then.

Lately years it has changed and Xmas has different meaning to us. It means a savior was born to us.

This year we go as a family of 5, together with pil and sil family.

We were early, and seats were plenty. But it fills up very quickly after 10min.

Hub was not feeling well, but he kept his spirit high and insist we all still attend. God was great. It was gloomy whole day and almost gonna rain at 9.30pm. At last it didn’t rain and it was windy. Weather was perfect. M&J behave fairly well as we separate them into different row. Nate slept through the whole 2 hours.



Baby Jesus in the manger.

We would have gone for supper after mass. But hub was not well so we opt to go home early and sleep.

This year “Santa” is busy that he disnt get me what I wanted! Hmph!
Nevertheless. I received a gift from sil. Tq so much!

20121225-085131.jpga pasta sauce with cookbook inside. Lovely

M&J Baptism 11Feb2012

One family should share same faith. This I always believe in.

Hub was born Catholic. I wasn’t.

It took me a while to finally accepted Christ, not only with my mouth, but with my heart, my mind, and my all……

God makes things beautiful, at His time. It took me quite some time, some errands, some painful experiences to finally be able to baptize my boys. They should have been baptized at birth. Like I said, God makes things beautiful at His time. When I wanted to baptize my boys, it didn’t happen. Then I pray, while hoping to make it happen…….

Then I pray again………. then I was told they might not do it for my boys..

Then I pray again…… then someone also started to pray for it…

Then one evening Father Daniel called….. and it happened.

I give thanks to our Heavenly Father, for answering my prayer, and make it happen. Thanks for the very first sacrament for M&J.

I pray for God’s infinite guidance and wisdom, so that Chris and I will be able to raise M&J the catholic way, instill the love of God since young, Raise them to be a God fearing child.


These are some photos for memory:

At church, waiting for baptism to start.Manfred being baptized together with Daddy and his God mother.






Jude’s turn with daddy and his God mother.





Both God mothers lighting up the candle for Manfred and Jude. Both hub sis was chosen as the boys’ god mother as they each share a great bond with one of the GuMa,(姑妈)。 And both SILs are catholic, and I hope we will be blessed with SILs help in instilling God’s teaching to them.

Jude birthday treat

Today is Jude’s actual 2nd birthday. As planned 2 years back, we agreed that we will bring Jude out for birthday dinner. Just the three of us.. When Manfred was 2yo, Jude was merely 6mths old, very clingy koala and being a very tiring mum. I op to leave Jude at home with in laws. Which hub complain say I berat sebelah. Then i had to promise to do the same for Jude.

Long story short. WE did ditched Manfred home. He cried big time. Anyway I knew he would have fallen asleep by 8pm. Which in deed he was asleep by 8pm. We went to Hard Rock cafe for dinner. When we depart, I realize really its a rare chance we do that. We really never arrange any special date or day with Jude, where he gets full attention from both of us. I guess we took him for granted. CAuse the moment he came to the world, he get used to sharing attention, sharing time with his kor kor. We been so obsessed with Manfred, fearing he can’t accept the changes of a young sibling, i think we did neglected Jude a little.

I am glad we did this! I can tell he was pretty happy. Jumping up and down like usual Jude. Luckily he just jump at his seats. not anywhere else. Good thing he sit in car seat through out the journey. He was so so happy when we sing him the birthday song. And he had a taste of Hoegaarden beer.. Ops! and after 2 sips, he decided that he loved it~!

What is wrong with my kids. They seem to accept alcoholic drinks just fine.

Jude 2nd birthday

8May2011 falls on Sunday, it is also Mother’s day of 2011.

2 years ago, I gave birth to Jude on mothers day of 2009. He was born on 9May2009. Today we celebrated Jude’s birthday at our place. With only close family. All were present except my brother who was working in Brunei. He missed Jude’s first birthday also! Despite Jude likes his Da Gu so much!

So guilty as although it was a Mother’s DAy, we didn’t treat our MIL to scrumptious meals. Instead she cook her sweat out since morning so we all could have good food for the mini party! Blessed her! She is always the one willing to do all the hard work single handed and never uttered a single complaint. This is very true. Despite she nag once in a while.. She is truly a great MIL.

We stuffed our belly so full as we practically started eating from 6pm till 9pm….. Photography stopped after candle session and after that we still have kuih, tong sui and coffee which we forgot to snap picture! It was such a great session as it was held in the comfort of home. The weather was SO SO HOT! But everyone had awesome good time eating, yakking, and playing (For the children).

Thank you to all my family members and my in laws whom willingly use their precious time to attend our small party, their thoughtful gift for the birthday boy Jude. We are truly blessed to have such supportive and wonderful members as family.

Jude, you were such a handful baby. Now that you are a toddler, you are even more handful…………. But you just have your own charm that no matter what antics u have, mummy, daddy, kor kor, and everyone still love you so so much. You are truly a great kid to have… Mummy just wish to have greater energy so mummy could keep up!

May lord continue to bless you with healthy body, healthy mind, abundant of energy like you always are! Grow up healthy, grow up happy….

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