2 weeks post surgery

It has been 2 weeks since dad liver surgery. His recovery at hospital was an eventful one. Apart from needing some assistant in doing first big business, he able to sit, walk, eat pretty soon and regain little strength by little in a satisfactory speed.

He is home since tuesday and I know he is happy to be back to comfort of home…. Dad is on very strict diet. He ate only vegetation, and occasionally fish. Dad not a fish fan so he rarely finish the fish portion mom prepared. I am bit worried that protein intake is insufficient for dad. Fruits was suppose to be big part of the diets but due to diabetic and fruits are off the menu for the moment.

I was suppose to back Klang to dad house on sat and got delayed cause dad had to go back to hospital on sat. His wound was bleeding after dad choked on biscuits crumb and cough badly….. Visit to klang GH and later referred back to Selayang Hospital and later surgeon check on wound and remove the stitches.

“Part of the wound healing was uneventful and need daily dressing.” This is what written in referral letter for dad. Yes, i saw the wound, it was 1.5 inches long and 0.5 inch depth.. Grossed me out to see it. And so heartache to see this happening to dad. I prayed that god healing hand continue to be on dad and the wound will soon be healed completely.

I saw dad dinner today, it was all greens, steamed with brown rice.. No salt, no seasoning no nothing.. All natural flavor. Honestly it taste alright. If you dont have to be eating it every single day. I am sad to know he has to eat this way but I know it is mandatory for his health..

He has lost 10kg in total. He still look ok.. Not too thin as dad has always been off bigger size and frame. I am happy he lose a little but I hope he doesn’t lose more than 20kg..

Staying positive is how I want to be right now and I hope dad and the rest of family members feel the same. Hope dad know he hasnt brought us any inconveniency at all.. Not a bit at all.. And that we are all more than willing to be there for him… Just so he can he healthy and kicking again..

Waits are over

Almost 12 hours of agony waits, endless intercom to the HDW, OT, finally we saw dad got wheeled into HDW. He looks relax, calm, and peace.

I saw his mouth and jaw wiggle a bit… Relief and happy to see him doing ok. Heartache thinking of what he just went through. As much as I wish to hold back the tears, i failed. But it’s definitely joy of feeling relief, thankful, and gladness…

Dad, you are the bravest man! I knew from day 1 you are wise and that you are the winner in this battle. Take your time to recover. We are all here for you.

Critical time

Its 8am now. I am home and a complicated emotion is what I feeling right now. My dad is in operation room for an hour already. I am optimistic, docs are optimistic, mum is optimistic and most of the family feels the same.

Dad had some melt down moment the night before surgery due to some opposing opinions. Those opinions has came earlier. I just didnt expect as part of family they would still persist to call my dad n myself when dad already admit to hospital and getting ready for the surgery. We tried so hard to stop those ideas reaching dad yet we failed. But in good way, we told dad we stood by him for whatever decision he is to make. We gather and asked if he want to flee from hospital and promise we will do it together with him. He chose to go on. I know dad want to live… For a long long time…. He just needed more assurance. He is confident now.

I pray for smooth operation for dad. That god send his angel to protect dad. And dad is in good hand of lord via doctors’ hand.