2nd dental visit for Jude


Notice anything? Well, nothing if you haven’t been up close with him and pay attention. His teeth is “perfect” again. Well almost. He had a filling during his first dental visit back in January 2012 the filling came off some time back and after a while, the tooth decay starts to get worse, and just last week, he had a chipped teeth from his left front tooth. I figure its time to go for 2nd dental visit.

I could have tag M along, but I wasn’t willing to endure the stress, the hassle,
Of lugging all 3together, and I don’t want to do it on weekend too. So M goes to school while J and N follows me to dentist.

Doctor was very surprised that J was so cooperative, and shows no sign of fear or nervous. He could even answer all doctors question. No tantrum shown, about 30mins later, we were done. I let him choose a new tooth brush as reward for behaving and doc gave him 2 stickers too!

M&J 1st dental visit

I have thought of bringing M&J for their first dental visit since 6mths back. Reason being Jude had tooth decay since he was about 18mths old. Don’t ask me why….. Could be over dose of sweet stuffs, could be nursing too frequently for comfort, could be etc….

We do practice oral hygiene since birth. Yes since birth. Manfred teeth is not perfect but satisfactory. I been searching high and low for a child friendly dental. Had few contact but timing wasn’t right and couldn’t get an appointment of my desire slot. Until I read Sasha’s blog about JD. I got the number from her and We made an appointment for a tue 10am.

Smooth traffic, parking spot immediately and we were early to register ourselves. Jude was called first , both Manfred and Jude dashed right into the room, took a glance, Manfred decided he wants to stay outside for tv since it wasn’t his turn yet. Jude chicken out cause he interpreted korkor’s decision to exit the room as a “mayday” call.

In the end, I drag M into the room, and let doc lure him to ride on the “space ship”. Yes, the doc has her trick to make kids feel comfy and get on. She let M press the button and told him its button to control the space ship(the chair) and with the tv showing Cartoon, M bought it and hop right on. Just then, Jude saw kor kor on it, immediately he screams “my turn! My turn!”

Well sorry J, now u r second in line. Learn “patient”, and please know once the ship sailed, u need to wait for second one.

While doc checked on M’s teeth, she gave M a mirror to look at it so he knows what doc was doing. But M was more into the cartoon on screen. M had a chipped in his right central incisor(due to downfall at young age). He also had a small hole on his lower right cuspid. Doc just use a hand tool and clean the dirt, and did the white filling for M. Then doc shine the blue light on it to let the filling harden and set. M tooth was done in less than 10min time. And he was rewarded an angry bird sticker. He was happy and hop outside to continue watching tv.

With M off the “ship” J jumped up and down can’t wait to get on. Doc let J hold on a mirror as well, and begin to count on the number of teeth he has. Jude had 18 teeth plus 2of his 2nd molar half sprouted. His upper left central incisor was the big prob. It has a hole that was there since 1year back and it has been getting bigger. Also the gap between his upper central incisor need a filling. J upper lip was swollen, probably due to Falling also. (don’t ask me when cause he fall down everyday… Yes literally everyday.) Jude’s teeth took longer time to fill, there were 3spots to be filled. The upper central incisor, the gap between his central incisor and the back of the gap between his central incisor. He was very cooperative, and was the gap was first done, it wasn’t comfy and J could tell doc he wasn’t comfortable and doc use the drill to flatten it… To my surprise J didn’t complain a bit.. Just quietly let doc do her job.

But I could see his both palm all stressed up…. Exactly like myself. I get tensed up whenever I visit dental. After 30min spent and rm160 spent, we went home with 2angry bird sticker, 2happy boy with healthier teeth, and a proud mama. 🙂 YES! Yours truly is deeply pleased that the boys made the experience a pleasant one. 🙂

Later they each received a box of oil pastel from mama for being cooperative in dental visit. After lunch at my favorite paramount Assam laksa place, I dropped them both to school.