Avillion PD 2013

Finally! We arrived and since the room were not ready, we roamed around the resort 20130816-200425.jpg




20130816-200455.jpgI love the “outdoor” shower!


So we basically just swim, eat,
Swim, eat and go kids cabin.



20130816-200715.jpgM&J make lots of new friends at the pool. They loves playing water slides with friends…I already gave them 2 siblings and they both still claim not enough and said they loves holiday cause got lots of friends to play with! So should I keep producing??


20130816-200851.jpg buffet dinner was included in the package and it was quite scrumptious with lots of variety,.. One thing not good is…. Avillion really got lots of FLIES!!!!


20130816-201019.jpgthey have cooking class too. They learn to make roti canai and sausage bun. If they allowed,
I would love to try flipping the roti canai too! But alas I was “over-age”! Humph!


20130816-201225.jpgaaaaa.. The room….
Fantastic! Their day bed could sleeps MNJ…. But I couldn’t fall asleep worrying N might fall off at midnight. So M&J sleeps at the day bed, while hub and I sleeps in king bed with N. fits us comfortably! Sleeps is important too when we go holiday!

Did I
Mention I camwhore a lot during the trip? Since I don’t have to do much except mind the baby. Hub did a great job taking care of the two elder one.

20130816-201513.jpgthey didn’t want to leave as usual!

We forgot to take family pictures!!!!


Parent to UNO.

For 30hours, we are enjoying being parent to one. Don’t ask, we just are…
The “UNO” is not used to it…. He seeks his “dos” and “tres”.

We have the luxury of eating at one of our very economical and yummy coffee shop after morning mass.

seafood noodles

char Kuey Teow

Chee cheong fun20130526-110157.jpg

Then we proceeds to digital mall and wait for daddy buy memory cards…

Good deal!


Went window shopping on long weekend. It felt like a Saturday until I saw mosque full of pilgrims.

“Accidentally” came across these heels when shopping at parkamaya in Fahrenheit. It’s a new departmental store located on 3rd floor of Fahrenheit88.

It’s only RM49 each and the heels is very comfy for mama like me. I’m sick of flats already!

We also drop by Teaffani for high tea. The boys were shouting HUNGRY! Yes, they said they were hungry. Miracle isn’t it?




Rare picture of me and the boys.

Nate 6mo


My little dragon boy Nate, turns 6month old on 27April2013. He is starting to make lots of noise. And he loves lift both his arms and legs real high, attempting to sit up and also attempting to crawl. He ended up with 2 episodes of landing his face on the floor… He wasn’t pleased for sure.

He has started on solid, I introduced rice cereal, banana, and apple purée. He doesn’t quite fancy food(just like both his brothers)

This is the apple purée I prepared for him. He didn’t even finish half of it.

I have not have his latest weight reading as I have yet bring him for his 6mo checks. Will do so after we back from our first ever family trip. We are currently in Phuket for a short holiday. With my sister and BIL.

MNJ all behave well during the flight, Jude was bothered by the air craft pressure changes. But he could clear it when I teach him to pinch his nose and blow.

It’s the first time MNJ visits Thailand. I hope to teach m&j making journal of places they go. Starting from now.

It’s also Nate’s maiden swim… He absolutely LOVES it! He didn’t want to get out of water even after 50min!!!! And he was smiling all the while.

Boba 3G

I learnt about baby wearing when I have Jude. He was clingy and wouldn’t settle in the car seat nor stroller until he was 1year plus. So that’s when I start baby wearing using pouch and ring sling. I still have both of my ring sling from Mamapatch.

So it’s no surprise that I baby wear Nate as well. With 3 kids it’s easier to baby wear instead of using stroller. But we still incorporate stroller as well. And I was surveying to get a soft structure carrier. It’s better as it can carry up to 20kg and up to toddlerhood. Best of all, it’s easier for hub to learn it compare ring sling.

I settle for boba 3G after a long research and reading and a trip to try it out with Nate.

It’s awesome to use when we go out for a long outing. Gives us free hand and Nate (8.1kg) feels almost weightless with the carrier. 20130213-103653.jpg20130213-103824.jpg

Yesterday hub baby wear Nate along when we bring the boys to go brisk walk all the way to the foot of saga hill.

Manfred and Jude walked 2.9km all by themselves. It was tiring for them, but they did it, and they came back continue to play with bicycle too.

Bear in mind we did not “jog” with Nate in carrier as its not advisable. The benefits it brings us was we get free hands handling the elder boys, and Nate was able to come along with us.

Fall asleep in the carrier… Despite all sweat and smelly!