Something from past-siblings

I am the eldest among siblings. I am only 6years elder than my youngest brother. Do the math and you will know how productive my parent were. :p

When I was about 4 or 5 years old, something happened which I remember till today. In one fine afternoon, I had a instinct that clash thru my mind, that I decided to walked to kitchen to the laundry area. Guess what I found? I assured you it’s a “life changing” experience and thing I done.

My then less than a year old little sister was in a pail………. Head down, both legs UP! No kidding! And I actually yelled for my mum:”xiao mee fell into water pail!”(in hokkien of course)

And I saved my little sister’s life. Maybe GOD or her guardian angel did. What in the world would I suddenly go to laundry area and found her, and know to ask for adult help, and timing must be real good…… Thank lord! We still have a good laugh talking bout this, although I know my mum’s emotion is way way way more than that.

And the best part, mum told me I actually “sounded” my paternal grandma, “you la! Keep watching tv and never watch over xiao mi!” OMG! I could have got “deported”! 🙂

That’s when my grandma then fork out money to invest in the very first baby cot. Which hold lots of memories… Of me baby sitting my little bro.