Water bottles

The boys used to change water bottle almost every month. If we are lucky, the bottle last for a quarter. They often drop it and it always ended up leaking water or split into dunno how many parts.

Until last year we invest to get them each a la gourmet metal bottles. Cars2 print some more. Of course they were thrilled. Cost us RM39.90 each.

It lasted more than a year. Although its all scratched and dented. But what matters is its usable.



We went restock. Initially only 1 for Jude cause his one was leaking. Later we wallop extra 3. Total 4! Why???

It was only RM5 each!!!!!!

Goody good good DEAL!!

My first loot from iherb has arrived!!! Ordered on 20/12/2012! arrived 3/1/2013!
photo 1
I have saved quite a bit from this order!

1- earth’s best soothing shampoo & body wash 8.5fl oz
NRP in malaysia – not available
I paid RM17.80
2- Earth Mama Angel baby Shampoo & Body wash (Natural Orange Vanilla) 5.3fl oz
NRP RM53.90
I paid RM22
3-Badger Balm for Hardworking hands
NRP in malaysia RM51.2
I paid RM18.1
4-Badger Sleep Balm
NRP in Malaysia RM58.5
I paid RM22.60
5- Nordic Naturals Children’s DHA chewable Soft Gels 180s
NRP in Malaysia -not available
I paid RM51.10

If I purchase all these item from Malaysia, just the sleep balm and angel baby shampoo would have cost me RM112.40 already. but now with the

  • Extra $10 discount (For order above $40 plus)
  • free shipping for product less then 4lbs)

Use coupon code PRM661 at the end of check out!



Total I paid only RM131.60 and I got extra 1badger balm in full size, earth best shampoo plus a bottle of 180gels of children DHA!

I already can’t wait to place my next order. I will be getting some supplements for myself and the boys, plus more organic bath products!