Sunblock for kids

I never like putting on sun block. Although its essential especially during water play. But I dread the feeling of stickiness after applying.

Since the boys started swimming lesson, I don’t want be irresponsible and I start looking around for something better than what we tried like copper tone and banana boat.


After lots of googling and forum hopping, I finally decided to buy badger and try it out. I bought from iherbs along with other stuffs I needed to replenish. I bought 1 for daily use (for my poor N who has to be under hot sun with me everyday chauffeuring kor kor and groceries shopping) and another for whenever they go swimming.

It’s so far the best sunblock I tried. It’s not sticky at all and application is very very easy!

I chose Badger broad spectrum unsceneted sunscreen because Manfred skin is very sensitive and I was hoping unscented will avoid any allergy.

For daily use I choseBadger broad spectrum SPF 16 sunscreen lotion

Price is USD14.39 each only! Another reason I definitely will not buy it from local store!

Visit iherbs and to enjoy special discount, key in PRM661 during checkout!


What do you give to your young children daily? I mean apart from their usual 3 meals and snacks in between, most mom will ensure they pop their kids some supplements to make up for those “missed out” nutrients. There is so many variety of supplements in the market havent even mentioning about the brands, country of origins, organic or not etc…

I have tried very hard not to fall prey to buying every single thing that we come by. So far, they are given max 3 supplements on daily basis. Sometimes 2!


Fish oil for their Omega oil, DHA GA stuffs as you know my boys doesn’t take formula milk, and they are solely on fresh milk only. So I personally feels that Fish oil is important. This is a very small vege capsules and makes it very easy for them to swallow. Jude starts to take fish oil at age 2.5yo.


Vitamin C is given on daily basis also, sometimes we will alternate to gives them multivitamins too. and switch back to Vit C only after we finishes a bottle. They prefer the vitamin C and they frown when i gives them the rainbow light multivits despite its in interesting “Star” shape








And since it’s a daily things, we always need to make sure we have some stocks available, also make sure we hunt for best bargain. Where do you find your great deals?! I recently found mine from iherbs. And it”s totally worth it! I get better quality products at cheaper price too! Hence i stopped buying from our local pharmacy.


And now if you key in promo code PRM661 during check out, you get up to USD10 discount! Go check it out!

Goody good good DEAL!!

My first loot from iherb has arrived!!! Ordered on 20/12/2012! arrived 3/1/2013!
photo 1
I have saved quite a bit from this order!

1- earth’s best soothing shampoo & body wash 8.5fl oz
NRP in malaysia – not available
I paid RM17.80
2- Earth Mama Angel baby Shampoo & Body wash (Natural Orange Vanilla) 5.3fl oz
NRP RM53.90
I paid RM22
3-Badger Balm for Hardworking hands
NRP in malaysia RM51.2
I paid RM18.1
4-Badger Sleep Balm
NRP in Malaysia RM58.5
I paid RM22.60
5- Nordic Naturals Children’s DHA chewable Soft Gels 180s
NRP in Malaysia -not available
I paid RM51.10

If I purchase all these item from Malaysia, just the sleep balm and angel baby shampoo would have cost me RM112.40 already. but now with the

  • Extra $10 discount (For order above $40 plus)
  • free shipping for product less then 4lbs)

Use coupon code PRM661 at the end of check out!



Total I paid only RM131.60 and I got extra 1badger balm in full size, earth best shampoo plus a bottle of 180gels of children DHA!

I already can’t wait to place my next order. I will be getting some supplements for myself and the boys, plus more organic bath products!