Jude again

<br /I have a special child….. I don't seem to quite understand him…. But he has nothing wrong…

20131003-172328.jpgsee what’s he doing? He opens up the pen and tries to find out, why u can press and the lead comes out, press again the leads goes in… He found the spring.. And he told me that’s the spring working… Of course, he has ruined countless pen before discovering this big “secret”..

He got a balloon from clown in party… Instead of flashing it and vroom vroom with it(it was a motorcycle) he “untie” the balloon……. And he told me:”mummy daddy! I did the balloon to like the mr clown..”

Many more of course… Every time I pull my hair, scream at top of my lung, and bloods rush right up to north Antarctica…. Only….. He remains the same.. Curious, stubborn, “I know! I know!” Kind of attitude….

Of course I know he needs to be nurtured so he blooms….. I so need higher wisdom to journey along with me while raising him..

Jude is 4

4, is a big number. He is officially 4 today. Was it really his mischiefs or was it really the emotion of how reluctant I am to see them grow up so fast….. Today, I’m pretty beat.


He went school as usual, and after school, I brought him to viva mall to for some snack and play at the indoor playground.


He ended up knocking his lips cause he took the slides instead of stairs.
Later on we proceed to attend mass for the Lord’s ascension. Which then we have dinner at sushi zanmai as per birthday request.

Jude: I want to eat conveyor sushi!

Last but not least, ice-cream treat to replace cake.

J, mummy loves you. I really do.. But you are truly a tough cookies.. But I still loves you. It’s cute how u said:”mummy I still forgive you!” When I lose my temper and raise my voice, causing you to cry… And u say that to me.. Just too cute…



They both hijack my work table… One reading; one eating.. Jude, never want to be parted from his kor kor… As much as they fight a lot.. They love each other a lot… Even my 6mo baby shares the same. N just want to be around his kor kor all the time..


See how happy they are playing with balls.