Car wash & being nude in public

On the way home from school, M&J was “scheming” me to let them wash my car. They knew its much more work for me to let them wash instead sending to car wash, but they love operating car wash. I told them I needed to “think about it” and I will “revert to them” once we reach home.

Once they saw me open up the gate, they knew it was a big big YES! Boy they sure enjoy washing my car. The baby doesn’t want to miss out also. But he was too little so I made him the chief to monitor the “kuli” work.


On top of that, they get to shower naked in public! Boy they sure love the idea. I think my boys are freaks!

Lets build something!

Boys, they sure play rough, and play hard! They love playing with pillows, blankets, pillows…

They said:”let’s build something!”

And there they riding on their cool side- a car….


And poor baby got boikot these day. M&J said N is a trouble maker!

He got trapped once under sofa… And I was laughing so hard! He can move in and out under his cot freely thou…

And yes, Nathanael is 9months old today! He can stand without support! And attempting to walk too! I can’t wait to find out when he will start walking

I am a ball


I am the super star now. Whenever I go, people got astounded by my figure. My ah kong say carrying me feels like carrying a ball. (What a way to mind an infant’s feeling)

I got asked most if the red spot is a mozzie bite. Gosh! Please subscribe to Nate channel, it’s a strawberry mark!
Wait a minute, maybe I should check with doc the next round she jap my buttock again!

My idol is still my mama, I smile everytime I see her, I yelled and wailed when I don’t see her! Yes that’s how much I lop my mama.
See how “hawt” is my mama?
Oh yes, the “boob” is reserved for me only now. >_<


Inside out, upside down!


M&J is wearing identical shirt. But do you notice Jude shirt is printless in the front? Isn’t it suppose to be identical shirt? Well…. Our beloved no2, decides to use his innovative this way, by wearing pants, shirt upside down. Inside out. He knew its not the right side, asked him if he wants us to help him change to correct side, he shudder his shoulder.

Well, if stranger gonna judge me when they see me pass by, let it be. This is one of the “battle” that I chose to “surrender”! No one is hurt when I allow it.. And he is happy, I need not stress and my throat need no scream.

Updated: UDIO (upside down inside out) continue


Treasure hunt-in the dark

Hub bought a torch that can be worn on the forehead. It cost RM20 and I sounded a bit cause I find to buy a “non toy toy” to children that cost RM20 is expensive. non toy toy don’t last the rough handling from 3yo and 18mths old boy.

I guess to convince me that it was indeed a justifiable buy, he came up with a game.. A game which later I agreed that it was a good buy. They play treasure hunt-in the dark. Hub will switch off light in our room, then take one of Manfred’s favorite toy car, then hide it somewhere in the room. 10seconds later, Manfred will come into the dark dark bedroom with his torch and start the search. He will zoomed to every corner of the room, commando crawl to peep below the bed and so on………

It’s really FUN! and educating! And he learn to be confident in the dark(with torch in his hand), he learn to be more observant with his eyes, use his body to move about and i could go on! It’s fun as every night he will ask daddy to play treasure hunt with him.

Jude on the other hand, gain from the game too, I will carry him in my arms and search together. Now he will know how to look around and join in the fun. Whereby he will scream in excitement and say :”I found it!”