English learner edition with CD

Not long ago, I realize Usborne series comes with CD and downloadable work sheets. I was pretty tempted to buy but held back till 2months back.

I finally bought “clever rabbit and the lion”. I played the cd in car and let Manfred hold the book himself and just listen to the CD. It gives instruction to kids to flip the page when they hear a “ding” sound.

Manfred was able to follow it. We played the story 3-4times during the 10mins journey home. And after that manfred could read 80% of the book.

1week later, I bought “the little giraffe” as requested by Manfred. Only I bought it without CD coz I feel it was rather simple story. I read to him few times and later he could reads it himself now.

Another week later I get “The musician of Bremen” with CD again. And we make the effort to play the CD in car or in our room for him. Now he could reads the whole book. And he is able to read more, more fluent and starts to show interest in it.


Little note

I did not start reading with both my boys very early. Myself wasn’t a reader. I did get them books and stuffs since they young but the habit is not there. I guess we resort to other alternative like”educational video” toys etc….

Books was really not our strength. You know how funny it is I actually met a few very unique people around me, whom I felt its an angel sent by God to tell me that “you need to do this! Make your child read! Start young!”

Well, what’s the odd that you visit a regular mamak and the owner one day suddenly tells you that we should go to church. I wasn’t annoyed.

What’s the odd that during a flight in recent getaway, I sat beside a wonderful lady who is a avid reader, plus writer, plus blogger, plus public speaking trainer plus plus plus. She was so kind to share some very valuable tips of raising a kids to read, the importance of reading, the method to use, simple and practical and easy put to practice method.

And how I see the people that come and go in my life, who reads a lot, who don’t read, how they differs, how I differ…. And how much I hear, read, or told that what’s NOT to give to young child, e.g TV, gadgets, iPad, etx…..

It’s a struggle to get rid of what’s not to have. Not to say to nil, but really establish a weekly schedule of minimum of those, at the same time maintain the balance. Balance whereby I see the boys finding activities that I rest assured they will be benefited at the same time long enough to occupy them for 30min or more.

I Can proudly say they no longer need to glued to tv so much. We can survive without tv on weekdays. I see them heading to bookshelves the minute they wake up, and start reading it. Yes even Jude will pretend he is reading and he actually could recite some of the phrases.

I am proud that they will request to do mazes exercise, scissors skills work sheets, cut and paste activities instead of tv. I know they still love tv, but not it could be subsidies with other.

Jude’s home reading

This fella – attention seeker, he will want whichever book kor kor reading from beginning. Siblings rivalry I guess.
Now we tried to read to both of them together, or hub and I will take turn to read with them individually.

Jude has discover a great fun way to reading. Last week Jude will ask manfred to act out the story that they read. Especially Bad Jack Fox. Jude loves to be the fox that sneakily say:”I will rob him of his box!” Followed by “Ngek Ngek Ngek!” absolutely fun to see slow Dan(manfred) pretend to chase the sneaky Jack(Jude).

He doesn’t recite any story perfectly, but he understand the story. Today I read to him Double trouble for the first time. He enjoyed it! And I turned to the quiz session at the back of the book.

I asked him what does the picture said? He couldn’t tell. So I asked him:”Sid is ……..?”
He replied me “Sid is sad”. Then I asked him to point to the correct phrase. I go through all the 4questions with him. Either he is lucky or he could recognize it as a photo, he got all correct!!!! Joy O Joy for a mum like me. 🙂 Proud of you Jude!

Manfred’s home reading

Reading – a habit that hub and myself doesn’t have from young. And I feel less privileged due to that. So we vowed to make the boys read as much as we could.

We started with Usborne Very First Reading since a year plus with Manfred. He was real slow in picking up. He will recite the whole story to you but not able to recognize the words. Anyhow persistency of reading daily pays off. He can now learn to read the words using phonics sound he learn from school. So now he can recognize the words. Schools using Heinemann for reading and this year I can see he can read better. Once I was pretty stress cause I feel he was rather behind his peer. Praise Lord I remind myself to let him learn at his own pace. And true enough, he learn better with no stress. Lately I bought another 7books from Usborne very first reading and he is able to read a few of them by his own.

And he starts to see read some words from signboard, billboards, whenever we are out. And last week he surprised me by spelling out Papparich perfectly by his own!

By this I need to remind myself to continue the reading habit with him, and myself. For there is a Chinese saying “there ought to be golds hidden in books” 书中自有黄金屋!