Who is the teacher 

Who is the teacher?
💬Does she know A,B,C? 

💬Can she count 1,2,3?
She is turning 2 in 2months time. She is the child that I never bothered to teach her anything. 
Irresponsible parent you may call me. I do not deny I struggle to do what I did with M when I had only 1 child. He was attending special infant classes, we give him undivided attention etc. 
But it is more of I finally realize and accept that children is actually the teacher of our life. We are the students. For one they taught me how to love when I thought I already knew it. 
She taught me to identify others love language and speak their language. 
This girl, her very dominant love language is definitely “Physical touch”. Notice she want leaning towards me a few times and she was actually giving m lots of kisses and she sure enjoy being hugged, caress and kisses 
We were singing to the tune of Elmo and Feist 1,2,3,4 😝yes it is still a hit in our household

Doodles of M

M is very into designing lately! Designing cars…he will sketch and then tell me this is upcoming Ford fiesta S, I’m gonna launch if in aug2013;
This is new BMW Hudson hornet, bla bla bla…
Today he also draw hummer, he said it will be the first hatch back from hummer…… Many mores that he has done… So fun to see him so into all these..

Swim class update

This month, Manfred starts his beginner class. He was in basic for 3-4months. They learned water confidence & survival skill. In beginner class, Manfred starts on freestyle.

I notice beginner class is more energy draining as they basically do lots of laps practicing their stroke. (Baby laps of course).

Jude remains in basic class. He continues his water confidence and survival. He is working very hard to learn whatever teacher teaches him. Due to his height, he is way disadvantaged but he is so determined! There’s lots of new students in the basic class today. And J is seriously looking like the youngest and smallest chap.

So from this months onwards, we have be at the pool for 2hour plus. As M’s class starts at 10am, J’s starts at 11am. Good arrangement as one play one learn and vice versa. Little one is really busy walking by the pool, wanting to jump in.. Sorry N! Daddy is at work, u can get in the water nrxt week!

Avillion PD 2013

Finally! We arrived and since the room were not ready, we roamed around the resort 20130816-200425.jpg




20130816-200455.jpgI love the “outdoor” shower!


So we basically just swim, eat,
Swim, eat and go kids cabin.



20130816-200715.jpgM&J make lots of new friends at the pool. They loves playing water slides with friends…I already gave them 2 siblings and they both still claim not enough and said they loves holiday cause got lots of friends to play with! So should I keep producing??


20130816-200851.jpg buffet dinner was included in the package and it was quite scrumptious with lots of variety,.. One thing not good is…. Avillion really got lots of FLIES!!!!


20130816-201019.jpgthey have cooking class too. They learn to make roti canai and sausage bun. If they allowed,
I would love to try flipping the roti canai too! But alas I was “over-age”! Humph!


20130816-201225.jpgaaaaa.. The room….
Fantastic! Their day bed could sleeps MNJ…. But I couldn’t fall asleep worrying N might fall off at midnight. So M&J sleeps at the day bed, while hub and I sleeps in king bed with N. fits us comfortably! Sleeps is important too when we go holiday!

Did I
Mention I camwhore a lot during the trip? Since I don’t have to do much except mind the baby. Hub did a great job taking care of the two elder one.

20130816-201513.jpgthey didn’t want to leave as usual!

We forgot to take family pictures!!!!


Car wash & being nude in public

On the way home from school, M&J was “scheming” me to let them wash my car. They knew its much more work for me to let them wash instead sending to car wash, but they love operating car wash. I told them I needed to “think about it” and I will “revert to them” once we reach home.

Once they saw me open up the gate, they knew it was a big big YES! Boy they sure enjoy washing my car. The baby doesn’t want to miss out also. But he was too little so I made him the chief to monitor the “kuli” work.


On top of that, they get to shower naked in public! Boy they sure love the idea. I think my boys are freaks!

Tacos & cookies

Since we are still battling with meal time with Jude, I seriously need to explore and not stick to mundane rice meal frequent. We are trying to be more adventurous, but always with consent from the boys. :p

Tonight we have tacos!
We watch turbo just last weekend and M&J asked what’s “Dos Bros Tacos”
Dos= 2
Tacos= plural of taco!

So yes! We have Tres Bros Tacos! Cause we are 3brothers! They exclaimed!

The boys help in the kitchen in whichever way they can. Many times M helps in stir frying stuffs, today he helps to reheat the wraps in the pan..


I also baked flour less oatmeal cookies with banana. Healthier, less yummy(the boys said) and hard to control the temperature!!! I wasted 1/4 of the cookies dough. But I’m determined to master this!


The batch that was saved!