Manfred sports day welcome speech

Manfred sports day welcome speech

Teacher gave them a speech to practice before first term holiday. After the holiday, he came home telling me teacher ask him practice everyday so that teacher will pick him to deliver the speech. 1 week later teacher ask me go school to see her. Then it was confirmed they picked him. So we practice everyday. He was very nervous on the first day they rehearse with him at school assembly. Teacher said his voice was trembling and she could hear his heart beating real fast.

Came home I teach him to pray to Jesus, give him the courage and to be brave to speak in front of everyone…. Then we continue to practice everyday… And he did it.. I’m so proud of him.. I knew he has tried and done his best.

I am very grateful that he meets so many good teacher that continue to nurture him, and takes good care of his need(boosting his confident)…..

That’s why I’m actually having 2nd thought regarding Chinese school….

Little merit – Jude

Another candy lover whom had to go to dentist at tender age of 2.5.

We wrestled a battle trying to break the habit of candy treats. It wasn’t an easy battle, not to mention the amount of. “support” from other people as no body wants to be the bad cop plus manipulative nature of his!

Nevertheless, it pays off, the efforts and pains of enduring his wailing, and feet stomping n any other antics we mums experience. Today I picked Jude from school and met with all three Of his class teacher, assistant teacher. I was told Jude refuse candy treats from teacher. He said:”mummy said cannot eat sweet sweet, biscuits only can..”

Despite the whole class of 18students savouring on candies, my 33mths old Jude did not fall into trap, and happily requested for a biscuit treat and was
Contented. He didn’t even fall for chocolate treats.

I was beaming with joy. Knowing that Jude is aware of difference between junks an healthy snacks. Pray that his self control will remain. On the side note, we are not really that stringent that absolutely no candies. But we do feel it’s essential to minimized.

Newspaper cutting

Today, Manfred bring back few homeworks. Some I guess is from the day before CNY holiday start. I like this booklet that handed out to him. It’s for newspaper cutting and first title given was to cut and paste pictures of CNY.

Booklet given out by kindie


Manfred came home all excited and want to start immediately. Of course I made him nap first so he can finish off all the HWs besides this little project he has. Also it’s important that he napped so I can go find old news paper for his cutting.

All set and waiting for Manfred to wake up.


I selected those that has CNY pic in it, then I put it together so it looks like it’s a real newspaper. (hoping for lesser mess also). 😛

I wake him up at 630pm after 2attempts and we get to work immediately. He flipped through the pages and we discuss what pictures we see. Then I teach him how to differentiate dragon dance, southern lion dance and northern lion dance. he picked pictures that he likes and he cut it out himself. I help him trim again so it is more neat. Then he paste it on the page all by himself. Looking very serious!

I have to say, I am quite fond of this idea, as it gives parent times to bond with their children, and it gets them to be intouch with currents issue, or at least can widen their general knowledge. I think we can even make our own topic to discuss with them on the newspaper.

Manfred with his work all done!

Then our little joyous Jude woke up.. I was prepared! He joined in and made his own piece too! Jude just pick the picture he like then paste!

Who can ever not love his contagious smile?!

And finally, pictures together!

Jude in kindie

Jude attended 3weeks of pre-school. Everyday he enthusiastically get ready to go school. He knows to pack his stuffs into the bag.

I been thinking could be he loves school due to his kor kor is there. I assume if kor kor is under weather and skips school, I might have a crying 3yo refuse to enter school compound. Again my kiddo surprise me. Jude enter school happily as usual, even though he saw kor kor remain in car. (I told him kor kor sick an will not be going school, but it’s a Friday, so Jude will go on his own)

I peep from outside again, he remove his shoes himself and joined his classmate! Well, Praise lord and pray his enthusiasm sticks and he will continue to find joy in his learning journey at school.

School related matters

It’s Manfred’s third year in kindergarten. He is officially in K1 now. Lots of  mixed emotion. Before the school holiday starts, teacher gave lots of stress and pressure saying K1 will be very different and I somehow feel the expectation, the homework and the stress will be more.

I did some revision with Manfred throughout the holiday. Some mathematics, english writing, mandarin reading etc. I feel that boys generally pick up slower academically compare to girl. Anyhow, I am trying very hard not to make him too stressful. First day to school, SIL mention her nephew that is off same age as Jude, attending Kindie Q and said he can read now. and SIL had extremely good review on the kindergarten.

The moment I heard that, the “kiasu” part of me took over, I was a little tempted to check out the school and convinced that I should look for a “better” school. Luckily my mind calm down, and I was reminded that Wasn’t right. it’s not tallied with my objectives of raising my kids, they shouldn’t be placed under tremendous stress of academically driven environment. I should let him learn at his own pace and always acknowledge his effort in each and everything he does, and let him excel in his own chosen field that interest him…

Manfred is back to school for a week. Thank God he adapt quick to school schedule again. I misses them a lot as they are in school and work are back to full swing. But I treasure our time spent at night..

Oh yes, not to forget I have a top priority TO-DO list. That’s to check out primary school for Manfred.

Kindergarten – Day 1 (Jude)

School starts at 12.15pm. I know first week teacher will prepare lots of play stations for them. They have water play, play dough, blocks, painting etc. I drove them to school earlier, we reached at 11.45am. I was worried that Jude enthusiasm might back fire and I was so anxious that Jude might cried if I leave him with teacher alone.

To my HORROR!!! He greeted teacher good morning, took his bag and “Bye bye MUMMY!” ………………………..with a big wide smile………………………… and he never looked back…. *sniff*

WHAT?! Didn’t even miss me at all!!! Hm! I make myself vacant whole morning so I could be in school with him yet he made me so lebih! i still proceed to park my car and peek. He was playing happily.. with all his friends. Teacher told me to go home cause she feels Jude will not have problem at all.

Reluctantly I went home lo……. PIL pick them up after school dismiss. Manfred said Jude went to his class. I will call teacher tomorrow to see how is Jude doing.

Nevertheless, Jude you made mummy proud again. You used to be so so so mega super glued. And now you looked so grown, even though u r still tiny in size.. but you behave so maturely. Last month when mummy said mummy won’t be in school with you, you request mummy to stay with you at school. Mummy said mummy need to go work and will pick up after school. you looked puzzled, but somehow you picked up the message and you got the idea. TQ for making this such a breeze for everyone. And TQ kor kor for taking good care of you.

Enjoy my little 宝贝!