Swim class update

This month, Manfred starts his beginner class. He was in basic for 3-4months. They learned water confidence & survival skill. In beginner class, Manfred starts on freestyle.

I notice beginner class is more energy draining as they basically do lots of laps practicing their stroke. (Baby laps of course).

Jude remains in basic class. He continues his water confidence and survival. He is working very hard to learn whatever teacher teaches him. Due to his height, he is way disadvantaged but he is so determined! There’s lots of new students in the basic class today. And J is seriously looking like the youngest and smallest chap.

So from this months onwards, we have be at the pool for 2hour plus. As M’s class starts at 10am, J’s starts at 11am. Good arrangement as one play one learn and vice versa. Little one is really busy walking by the pool, wanting to jump in.. Sorry N! Daddy is at work, u can get in the water nrxt week!

Swimming lesson


Manfred has officially started his swimming lesson. Today being his 2nd lesson. I was very relieved and happy after 1st lesson when he said he is willing to go again. And he seems to enjoy it. He still hasn’t gain his buoyancy control, but as I always believe, it’s always good that he finds it fun, best way to learn is fun play way..

They start by kicking water… Later on enter into the pool… Followed by “spider crawl”…. After that dunno Liao.. Mama report to baby sitting duty.

Jude might try one class next week. Lets see how.

Nate Attempts to crawl

He was rather slow in rolling himself over, (@almost 5mo) So I actually thought he might never attempt to crawl. Both M&J started crawling at 5.5mo,(commando style)..
This fella, doesn’t crawl yet, but suddenly he lift up his buttock real high on few occasion, we realize he was trying to move forward.. IT IS SO SO SO CUTE!

my only worry is, he might landed on the floor face down… OUCH!

Hand me down

I am truly happy and feel blessed that Manfred loves book. It’s important to us and its been said numerous times that reading could be the best habit we could possibly instill in the boys.

Buying book could be a very expensive purchase. Everytime we are are out about, Manfred will request to visit book store. Luckily he could be contented by just reading there instead of buying it every visit.

2 weeks back, Chris God ma mention she has quite a number of children books that she wants to give it to us. I was very happy!


Look at the loot! This is only partial of it! We will definitely need bigger book shelves soon.

Project reading on Jude should start soon. It took M 1.5years to official start reading on his own. And we started with him much earlier. I hope J will love books as much as his brother.

Manfred new bike

Today daddy bought Manfred a new bicycle. This is the 2nd bicycle we got for him. A 20″ BMX. We could have got him a 18″ instead but we got ambitious and got him 20″ which is really a tiny bit of challenging for him……

Well, we bought the bicycle, added a cute fireflyz light at the wheels, a head lamp and front and rear, fixed a bell on and Manfred was very excited and all the while beaming with joy while uncle fixing up his new beloved bike.

We then proceed to have our BKT dinner nearby and promised him he could later go home and test out his new bicycle. He was very very looking forward to it!

When we got home, none of us anticipated that we have a big challenge ahead. Which put Manfred in tears every 5-15mins. He was so so frustrated. He was not tall enough!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, actually he could do it, but with his very kiasi nature, he keep saying he couldn’t hold the bicycle, he kept sobbing, kept saying he couldn’t stand, he couldn’t reach bla bla bla……

Hub was very patient with him. After 1hour, he still wasn’t able to pedal. And not to mention he fell off the bike close to 10times. We then took a break, and daddy fixed some accessories for his own bike. Then daddy fetch M one round near neighborhood, came back, and fetch J out for a ride too.

While waiting for Jude to come back, I just casually ask M if he wants to try again. He said yes! So off we . And just that little break, he took off. And because I promised that I would catch him and make sure he doesn’t fall, I was jogging behind him. And he did it! Just like that. Daddy saw him from afar. And we are all so happy.

Then he continue to practice for half an hour. He still fall down whenever he stop the bike, but he doesn’t cry anymore. And he is now confident that given time, he will no longer need any of our help. We practice till 10pm, about 2hours, daddy called it a night. Again he was sobbing cause he wants to continue to cycle.

Oh dear, Sunday ok? We will use our whole Sunday evening practice with you.