Is it okay if not perfect……..

My maid has been with me for 6months already. I think so far she doesn’t give me much problem.. except sometimes she is a bit “big head prawn”… But I dun usually reprimand her or scold her.. I just gently remind her and I can see she does try to improve herself. The bottom line is, she helps reduce my work load, and she is absolutely nice to my boys…

Occasionally my MIL and my mum complains a little bit about her.. Elderly expect maid to work 100% like them… They sometimes treat maid as they are 1 class lower.. hence sometimes they are bit “fierce” and not so friendly with them. For me, as she will only with me for 2 years, I dun wan to be so so so nasty so long she doesn’t make big mistake( like harming my boys…) FYI, I once yelled at her coz she left some forbidden item in the baby cot… which i think it’s a huge huge huge MISTAKE!!! Coz i rarely scold her, so she know it’s serious when I acted that way.. so she apologize and so far mistake not repeated…

Lately i was away for few days and she is with my in law. They visited relative house. this relative has a cambodian maid as well. There is some very unhappy issue whereby the maid repeated same mistake of bringing the girl out for cycling. The girl end up with swollen feet and have to miss her ballet exam(for the 2nd time).. I guess the relative is real mad and decided to send her home… The maid was furious and she talk to my maid.. Teach my maid to take salary from me every month bla bla bla and bla bla bla… So my maid came home told me what the other maid told her. I said no… I said i will only give u ur salary when u leave. Even her ang pau money I wrote in a booklet and will hand to her when she go back cambodian 2 years later. I do so coz she really doesn’t need any money. I provide her everything, food, shelter, sanitary pad, toiletries, clothes.. When her inner wear spoilt, I also bought her all brand new one…

When i explain to her she seems ok.. But I wonder, how i prevent and how i make sure she won’t 1 day really got influence by another maid who is furious… and teach her all the weird weird things… I just hope she will continue to have mind set focus… ultimately, she is here to fulfill her 2 year contract, get the money and go home………

Blogger out there who has a maid, does ur maid take other maids word and start acting weird????? How u deal with it???When ur maid make mistake, how u talk to her??? Is it okay to close 1 eyes when they make mistake???

What I did on Friday, saturday and sunday

So fast it’s sunday already! Since Friday is a PH and hubby doesn’t require to work. I am so so so happy and I just can’t wait to cross things off my list of TO-DO!

Friday morning hubby and I sneak out to McD for breakfast with Jude. I left Manfred home with father in law cause he had porridge for breakfast and I wasn’t confident with leaving Jude behind with maid and father in law only.

After breakfast, we head to Pavilion for shopping. We were to have brunch with hubby sis and bro-in law. We were planning to get Xmas gift shopping done too. We reach there around 11.30am and mind you the car park already full of CARS!!!! So I guess many many people already started their Year end shopping spree. We visited the Naza roadshow, and realize CK Jeans was on sale. Hubby bought some undies and I manage to grab a belt at half price.

Brunch was at La Bodega. I didn’t eat much cause I was still stuff after my McD breakfast. Manfred was in extremely good appetite as he ate pasta, toast, mushroom, omelette’s and chocolate(he kept open up sister in law bag and search for chocolate)

The decoration at Pavilion was very nice. We actually pass by Pavilion the week before when we were heading home from Hubby company annual dinner. We saw the sleigh ride right inf front of the main entrance. It was breath taking… I wish I can bring Manfred over to Pavilion to view the Xmas deco again at night.

Manfred loves seeing all the Xmas trees, but he is not so much of a “reindeer fan”. He repeatedly say “NO” when SIL ask him to touch or get near to the reindeer to snap photo.

We did our Xmas gift shopping in Parkson. We head straight to toy department. I had to get present for niece and nephew. Angelina wanted a baby so she could play “mommy” and Vincent request for a gun. We found right away what we pick from the Toys R us newsletter. And I even “helped” SIL pick present for Manfred. LOL she ask me to pick present for Manfred. So I pick a puzzle set.

Hubby and I decided not to get any present for Manfred cause he still have tonnes of toys from his birthday. So I came home on Sat night and wrapped 2 present from his birthday and stack under Xmas tree for Manfred. Cheap huh?! I dun scare who ever say I cheap lar… LOL

I had difficulty getting Jude’s present thou as the one I chosen in the newsletter was not available at parkson. So we left without Jude’s present.

Then on saturday we went shopping at MV. We again have to visit Toys R us to buy Jude’s present and this round I manage to get what I want. We were expecting to see Xmas deco up. But found an empty lonely centre court. So we thought it should be up following week.

Garden Mall deco was very nice thought.. lots of light, very bright and I like it cause it doesn’t have too many diff colours and the harmonize colours themes is exactly what I like..

We had dinner at delicious and I was very disappointed with the service, the food and did I mention the service? So conclusion is I won’t patronize delicious in MV anymore.

Nowdays when we dine out, I suddenly I realize I have to feed 3 persons. I have to feed Jude, Manfred and myself…. So end up I only eat very tiny bit of food. But it’s good cause then I can eat lesser and lose weight.. Jude didn’t want to be left out when we eat. So I have to keep feeding him with bread, and I found fresh avocado on my sandwich and I gave it to him in chunk.. Guess what, he is darn good eater!!!! He ate a lot of bread and lots of avocado….

Today we schedule to have brunch to celebrate MIL birthday. SIL chosen to have it in Dragon-I. Although my MIL always complain the food there expensive and not worth eating but today she happily go and eat and went shopping with us.

We reach MV 30min earlier than my in law, so we order rice for EM to eat first so she can take care of Jude when we eat later. She didn’t finish the rice I ordered and it pissed me off a little.. Coz I feel it’s such a waste, and I DUN WAN TO SUFFER NAG FROM my MIL coz she waste FOOD!!! So i tapau and told her she will have to eat it for her dinner!

I am kinda surprise as I was at MV the day before, overnight some of the deco is up!! although half, but I was excited!! We did have some photo taken, but all in BIL camera. Will try post it up when I got it from him.

After MV we had an appointment with a property agent. There’s is a new property in damansara perdana and hubby wanted to invest. We met with the agent at 2pm along with 2 of my friends. All of us each take up 1 unit.. it’s kinda hard to such a property at such price such location.. After viewing the unit, we were to have tea session with my friends. Manfred refuse to follow us and insist he want to follow SIL. So I let him follow SIL back to her place and I went ahead go yum char with buddy.

After 5pm, we went back to SIL place in Kuchai and wait for dinner time. SIL bought a giant 2kg mango! YUMM!!! SWEET!!! And my “tam jia” Jude again wallup lots of mangoes!!!! He is such a big eater!!! and such a food lover!!! I wonder he pick that up from whom?

Jude pull himself up and stand..

Jude rarely spend time in baby cot. Most of time while he is awake he is either cling to me or Em. If we are lucky, we might see he spend time on floor for 5- 10minutes. Lately he is able to sit without support, the time he spent on his own has increase.  So this morning after his bath, i place him in the baby cot and let him watch TV with Manfred.

And this is the stunt he performed. A bit worry though as u can see the rail is below his shoulder level. Have to ask hubby lower the cot once he is back. Can’t delay anymore.

Manfred brave little boy

Today, I took both Manfred and Jude to Klinik Ibu & Kanak-kanak to get their immunization. I forgot i suppose to bring Jude over on the 29Sept. But nvm lar. late a bit can one. Was too bz after back from Pangkor trip (what an excuse) bills unpaid, jab also pending and lots of back log too.
Then there was extremely long Q. so at last minute, i decided to go Dr Koe’s place lar. Then i decided i dun wan go govt d lar.. SO MAH HUAN!!!! I rather pay the $$$ than wait in an unair-conditioned room!!! Beh tahan of the long hour wait lar.
Went Dr Koe and today only 30 minutes wait. (this is consider fast already) on weekend practically more than 1 hour to 2 hour wait!!! Today Manfred took his 2 year old Hepatitis A immunization. He was such a brave boy cause i told him to look at the dinasour on table, so he look away and he din even complain, move a bit nor cry thru the whole process, after the plaster on, he just complain of some itchiness nia.. BRAVO FOR MANFRED!!!!!
However, he did misbehave a little, he wanted to play with the weighing scale, and made me so embarrass.. Em could not control him, yet i was feeding Jude, so Manfred cause some chaos, he cry and scream and shout!! URGH !!! Get right to my nerves!!! He kena spank twice! After that he cried when i ask him to leave the clinic coz we are heading home d. again he cried! make me almost ki siao… Then on the way home, i was thinking, then i realize, it’s been more than 3 hours since he woke up, he was cranky because it’s nap time! Silly I.. but i guesss i can’t prevent every tantrum he was to throw… Just have to bear with more patient.. Hope he will grow to be more expressive, and control his temper.
Manfred’s summary
Height : 93cm
Weight : 16.5kg

Language barrier with my helper

Em Chanthou, she is a cambodian, she came to Malaysia to work at my house. She looks very young. She doesn’t speak any language that we speak. But she been here for a week before came to my place, she picks up some vocabs while she’s with the agent.
I am not so used to having someone around, although i know i certainly need her help. Especially with all the house chores and if she can handle all well, it could takes off lots of work load of my shoulder and my parent and my in laws’.
The task that usually takes me 10 mins to do it, now I have to brace with lots of patient as it will now take 15 or 20 mins to get it done. Coz i have to teach her, then stand by the side and watch. (not that we are fussy but becoz she doesn’t understand fully, we have to show her, and teach her the “command” word for first few times.) it’s like teaching a baby. We joked that she could now learn english with Manfred! and perhaps oneday Manfred will pick up his cambodian too! muahahahah
Some friends told me not to be too nice to her. As they easily get spoilt and start giving you problem. I am not sure about that. I just hope she can do her job well, dun give me headache and heartache!! I am generally a very good employer to work for..