Nathanael and solids

Nate has started taking solid for a good 6weeks. He doesn’t show much interest during the first 4weeks. But I still diligently serves him solids 2-4times daily. He usually will take 1-2spoons and then clamps his lips tight that nothing gets shovels into his mouth.

The most he could take at 1 meal is 3tablespoon.. Pathetically little! So far he has tried banana, avocado, rice cereal, brown rice porridge, pumpkin, apple, pear, grapes, carrots, sweet potato,mango, millets, baby peach, bread, pao skin…. That’s all I could think off. I realize he loves bread and pao skin, probably cause he sees us eating it, hence he shows greater interest in it.



I always wanted to snap pictures of his food but always forget!




*touch wood*

He rarely fall ill…. Once kena his fever was spiking high and I got shocked! Nearly rushed him to ER… I didn’t sleep well the whole night!

Doc diagnosed him with tonsillitis. No wonder his appetite was bad last few day! After visit to paed, I gave him aloclair spray before feeding him and it work. He ate his usual portion..

I hope fever comes down and we don’t need review.

He enjoys trying on hats!! Lol



They both hijack my work table… One reading; one eating.. Jude, never want to be parted from his kor kor… As much as they fight a lot.. They love each other a lot… Even my 6mo baby shares the same. N just want to be around his kor kor all the time..


See how happy they are playing with balls.

Nate @ 6mo

Finally he is 6mo already. Brought him to 6mo immunization. He weigh 9.7kg & 71cm. Nurse commented that he is big size. And they were awed when asked and Nate is fully breastfed.
He is sitting unsupported by himself. And yesterday he manage to get himself to sitting position from crawling.

He has started on solid since a week plus. Tried rice cereal, apple purée, banana, bread, carrot, pumpkin, pumpkin porridge. He starting to enjoy it more in recent 2 days. He finally knows how to open up his mouth so I could scoop food into his mouth.

He is also becoming more clingy and starts to show sign of separation anxiety.